Benchmarks, made easy.
For marketers, by marketers.

We couldn't find the tool we needed. We set up thousands of Gmail filters, automated slack channels, dedicated email adresses, weekly benchmarking schedules.

Nothing was working as we wanted. Everything was easily missed. We saw opportunities slipping away.

So we focused on building the best ecommerce benchmarking platform. The one we need.

we're hutte

Did we mention panoramata was a platform made by marketers, for marketers?

Well, our parent company is hutte - a growth marketing agency.

So you can believe us when we say we have users in mind why building every part of this platform - truth is, we are our first users.

Our Values


We're focus on what matters for your marketing

We've removed all the extra stuff.

You know what we mean - the endless onboarding sessions, the pointless explanations of why you're seeing this or that. We just put all the info you need right there, at your fingertips.  

Have your say. We built this platform for marketers, so we're confident you'll find very useful features inside.

That said, if you think we're missing something - let us know. We're always listening.

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