Monitor your competitors effortlessly in one single platform

Keeping tabs on your competitors can easily start to feel like a full-time job if you let it: it takes time, effort and organization. Let us spy for you: Panoramata automatically captures and tracks your competitors’ marketing efforts, so you can operate from a place of informed advantage.
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"I'msaving a day a week.
I don't miss anything anymore and don't have to think about tracking competitors."

"It's crazy good and easy to use, we can track everything! I feel like a Sherlock Holmes for emails, ads & landings"

"It's way easier to plan my content calendareven for events such as Christmas or Black Friday"

Wanna keep tab on your competitors?

You no longer need to do it yourself manually, stalk their website like a creepy ex, or remember to visit the ad library the day just before Black Friday.

Even if you do all this stuff and take notes, you’ll probably lose those notes and forget to act on them later.  

We'll do it all for you.

Panoramata shows you everything your competitors are doing, so you can improve your performances and save time.

  • Track your Competitors

    Track your competitors emails, flows, ads, landing pages & SMS automatically on your dashboard.

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  • Benchmark and Compare

    Compare companies automatically and against each other. Get real-time data on their marketing strategy and industry statistics.

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  • Email, SMS & Flows Searches

    Track your competitors and search any email, SMS or Flow example you need with the most complete email database search.

    Search and Track Emails
    Search and Track Flows
    Search and Track SMS
  • Ad & Landing Pages Searches

    Track and search for ads creatives and copy (Meta, Tiktok, Google, Pinterest) with one of the largest curated ads database.

    Track Competitors' Ads
    Spy TikTok Ads
    Search Ads Library
  • Track your competitors' website and their funnels

    Explore both ads and landing pages your competitors are using easily and access historical changes and statistics.

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  • Save and share marketing best practices

    Save your favorite examples and share them externally or your teammates easily.

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  • Curated Assets, Inspiration Searches, Marketing Calendar View, Creative Recommendations, and much more!

    We offer all the tools you need to finally track your competitors correctly, with collaboration tools so you and and your team can work together.

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Recent client wins

🇫🇷 Skincare brand improved average click rates from 0.5% to 4%

🇺🇸 Marketing agency saves 4 hours per headcount on benchmarking

🇬🇧🇦🇺🇪🇺 International group automatically tracks competitors in 18 countries

Track your competitors in one place

It's exhausting. Your inbox is already so full of everything else - you're just constantly looking at what people are doing, and you really can't do it efficiently. Ideas get lost, no one looks at your reports.

With Panoramata, you don't need to subscribe to 100 competitors newsletters, trigger and save their flows or marketing automations, check their ads or website: we'll do it all for you.

Get all the marketing strategies of your competitors broken down and make your benchmark efforts easy.

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Here's what you can track:

Your own marketing benchmarking platform

You can start automatically tracking any company.

You’ll also get inside intel on their marketing strategy and performance, so you can answer questions like:
• How many emails do my competitors send, and when?
• Which kinds of content do they send?
• What promotions are they running?
• Have they updated their homepage recently?
• What new ads are they running?

Plus, with 5M+ emails, ad creatives, and landing pages (more added daily), you’ll never run out of inspiration.

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Save time and detect new opportunities

You can save time and avoid doing duplicate work. This tool helps you get rid of research and hunting for new data.

Now you can check your competitors in one place. You can check emails, ads, landing pages and all other marketing assets.  

You can use this information to improve your own marketing strategy and results.

The performance marketing intelligence platform

Monitor your competitors' digital marketing strategy

We track more than 18k companies from all industries and countries — so you can finally understand what your competitors are doing, without wasting the time that you should be strategizing on your own brand looking at your competitors.

We got you covered.


Get access to  live data and trend changes on emails, ads and landing pages

Your inbox is already so full of everything else. You can't possibly expect it to be your competitive advantage tool, but we can be.

Panoramata is your competitive advantage for digital marketing, delivered in your dashboard and to your inbox, 20 times faster than it would take to gather this information yourself.

Get marketing insights on your competitive landscape.

All this brand spying takes a ton of time, effort, and organization.

That, and your Desktop is stuffed with random screenshots.

Even if you only spend a couple hours here and there checking up on your competitors, that’s time you could be using to dream up and launch new campaigns.

So fire yourself from the role of “Competitor Detective”...  and let Panoramata track your competitors FOR you.


Your competitive advantage for performance marketing, delivered in your dashboard and to your inbox*

*20 times faster than it would take to gather this information yourself

Email & SMS marketing monitoring

We monitor your competitors emails & sms, and organize them for you.

Email flows & email automations breakdown

Discover your competitors' lost checkout flow, welcome flow, etc.

Ads monitoring

On several networks (Meta, Google, Pinterest, Tiktok), monitor the ads published by your competitors, with full history access.

Brand profiles and Calendar View

Instantly see what a brand is doing well and when she's the most active.

Landing pages tracking

We track the changes made by your competitors on their website and on the landing pages they're using.

Industry-specific Benchmarks

Based on all collected data, we build industry benchmarks you'll use for real, and share to your team/clients.

Emails, Flows, Ads, Landing Pages, SMS, Softwares, etc.
Monitor your competitors automatically.