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The best way for fashion brands to track their competitors marketing strategy

From now on, no need to subscribe to 100s of newsletters and monitor your competitors websites, ads or new launched every other day. Save more than 20 hours/mo per user and access unlimited inspiration. Start for free today.

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mehdi, founder of panoramata
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"I feel like I'm saving a day a week.
I don't miss any update anymore."

"We now produce better creatives and we increased our CTRs."

"It's way easier to plan my content calendareven for periods such as Summer or Spring"

Recent client wins

✅ 🇫🇷 Fashion brand improved average open rates from 16% to 25%

✅ 🇺🇸 Social Paid Agency onboarded her team to save hours of manual work

✅ 🇬🇧 Jewelry brand doubled creatives CTR by finding more relevant hooks

Some brands you can track on the platform:

Track your competitors in one place

It's exhausting. Your inbox is already so full of everything else - you're just constantly looking at what people are doing, and you really can't do it efficiently. Ideas get lost, no one looks at your reports.

With Panoramata, you don't need to subscribe to 100 competitors newsletters, go through their flow, check their Ads or website: we'll do it all for you.

Get all the marketing strategies of your competitors broken down and make your benchmark efforts easy.

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Here's what we can track:

Tech Stack

Monitor your competitors and compare yourself automatically

Get quick summaries of all your competitors in a glance, and compare yourself automatically, with real-time data. See when competitors change or roll out something new, so you don't have to go looking for it and you never miss a moment.

By tracking your competitors correctly, you'll:
• Get Inspiration,
• Feel more confidently that you're ahead of the pack,
• Implement new ideas and reduce your CPA.

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Here's how you can compare and measure:

Email Scorings
Email Analysis
Creative Feeds
Industry Statistics

You're in good company 👋💛

Excellent  4.9 out of 5 ★★★★★

"It's crazy good!"

It's crazy good! Just spent 15mins to create a benchmark for a client - she was super happy and we filled our todo with amazing ideas!

Kevin Miguet
CEO, JollyCommerce

"Helps getting clear vision on design and strategy"

Really starting to love the software already btw. Helps with getting clear vision on design and shape our ecommerce strategy.

Luc De Bruin
Email Marketer, Klavyio Partner

Forwarded 12 new hooks to our agency - they became our most performing ads

Just used the advanced search, I grabbed my notebook to write all the creative hooks I was seeing from our competitors...

And I forwarded a photo to my agency right away 😂

Out of the 12 new scripts, 4 are our top-ever performing ads!

Rebecca Kelley
Nideco, Founder

Perfect, we're able to create amazing benchmarks quickly

It's great! Super simple UX and neat design.

It's perfect as a media buyer to be able to create amazing benchmarks this quickly.

Julie Vidal
Team Leader, Ben&Vic Ecommerce Marketing Agency

"It's Email Marketing x Ad Libraries x Pinterest for Ecommerce"

You need it for benchmarking digital marketing best practices in ecommerce: emailing, ads, seo and find inspiration on any theme. It's the Pinterest of Digital Marketing.

A great tool for #marketers. Whatever the industry: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, jewelry, food, home decor... The platform allow to personnalize your dashboard and create automatically benchmarks, sort by popularity, scoring, date, etc.

Fabienne TORRES-BARANES on Linkedin
Luxury Marketing Consultant and Marketing PhD

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Extensive Real-Time data

Get inspired for your upcoming campaigns

Monitoring & More than 4000 brands tracked

The most powerful marketing search ever made

Made by and for eCommerce marketers

We built this tool because we needed it - for inspiration, benchmark and competitors analysis.

We couldn't find anything like it, so we built it.

Get instantly what your competitors are doing well, where they could improve - and what are the opportunities you could take.

Get the inspiration you need for your future campaigns, along with industry insights.

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The ultimate ecommerce benchmarking tool

Monitor your competitors' digital marketing strategy

We track thousands of DTC brands from all industries, covering many niches and countries — so you can finally understand what your competitors are doing, without wasting the time that you should be strategizing on your own brand looking at your competitors.

Tired of subscribing to 100s of newsletters, reading every email and trying to mimic best practices? And then doing it all over again when it comes to rolling out new ads or website updates.

We got you covered.


Get access to extensive live data and trend changes on emails, ads and landing pages

Your inbox is already so full of everything else. You can't possibly expect it to be your competitive advantage tool, but we can be.

With Panoramata, you can go beyond social networks to track your competitors: monitor newsletters, flows, ads, landing pages, SMS, tech stack and much more.  It's your competitive advantage for e-commerce marketing, delivered in your dashboard and to your inbox, 20 times faster than it would take to gather this information yourself.

Get marketing insights on your competitive landscape.

All this brand spying takes a ton of time, effort, and organization.

That, and your Desktop is stuffed with random screenshots.

Even if you only spend a couple hours here and there checking up on your competitors, that’s time you could be using to dream up and launch new campaigns.

So fire yourself from the role of “Competitor Detective”...  and let Panoramata track your competitors FOR you.


Your competitive advantage for e-commerce marketing, delivered in your dashboard and to your inbox*

*20 times faster than it would take to gather this information yourself

Email & SMS marketing monitoring

We monitor your competitors emails & sms, and organize them for you.

Email flows & sequences breakdown

Discover your competitors' lost checkout flow, welcome flow, etc.

Ads monitoring

On several networks, you can see and save the ads published by your competitors, with full history access.

Brand profiles and Calendar View

Instantly see what a brand is doing well and when she's the most active.

Landing pages tracking

We track the changes made by your competitors on their website and on the landing pages they're using in their paid media.

Industry-specific Benchmarks

Based on all collected data, we build industry benchmarks you'll use for real, and share to your team/clients.

Get access to what makes great brands.

Knowing the trends and what works now is key for every ecommerce brand - every week, best players are sending content, marketing and promotionals emails.

Now, you can understand what they optimize, send and focus on - by monitoring their marketing moves.

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