Ecommerce Benchmarking & Competitor Monitoring Feature

Monitor your ecommerce competitors digital marketing strategy

Simply the simplest and most complete way to monitor your ecommerce competitors - so you don't have to subscribe, read and save 100s of newsletters yourself, take screenshots of any changes other brands are making or saving their best ads.

Save 20h/mo and increase your performances using Panoramata.

Get access, understand and learn from what competitors are doing - in an organized way.

Panoramata offers a complete platform to monitor your competitors marketing strategy, and help you beat the competition by improving your marketing performances & save time.

Get instant updates and trends on any brand digital marketing strategy

We make the job of monitoring ecommerce brands easier. Look for trends, get daily instant udpates and dashboards highlighting all the digital marketing actions taken by any brand.

Get access to Emails, Flows, Ads, Landing Pages, Softwares, SMS - and much more.


Get access and search for specific emails

We collect and organize email newsletters sent by brands for you.

So you don't have to subscribe yourself, get interrupted each hour - and try to forward/save the emails you like.

Use our searches to find exactly what you're looking for.


Get insights from their email marketing strategy with flows

We organize some of the emails your competitors are sending into organized flows (Welcome Journey, Abandoned Checkout, etc.) so you can find the best inspiration to improve your own performances.

Track the changes they're making on their website

We track their homepage, product page structure and some landing page - and you can compare over time the changes that they're making, so you can understand their merchandising strategy and conversion rate challenges.


Start monitoring competitors today

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"It's way easier to plan any big campaign like Black Friday."

Some brands you can track on the platform:

A whole platform built to monitor competitors marketing strategy and benchmark ecommerce best practices

We offer much more than just email search - a complete platform built to help you beat the competition and increase your performance thanks to advanced monitoring.

Our users save 20h/mo on average using the platform vs. benchmarking competitors manually.

Tailored for ecommerce

Email & SMS marketing monitoring

We monitor your competitors emails and organize them for you.

Email sequences breakdown

Understand what emails are part of the lost checkout journey, the welcome journey, etc.

Ads monitoring

On several networks, we manage to curate the best ads published by brands.

Brand profile

Get instantly the sense of twhat a brand is doing well thanks to their panoramata profile page.

Landing pages tracking

We track changes made by your competitors on their website. So you don't have to.

Industry benchmarks

Based on all collected data, we build industry benchmark you'll love to read.

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