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On this page, we want to highlight some of the best ecommerce ads for your use case. I got tired of getting the same examples over and over again - same brands, same countries, same industries, same kind of examples...

It's hard to find great inspiration for ecommerce use cases using regular tools, that are built for other purposes. So here, you'll only find ecommerce examples, and I try as I can to represent different countries, industries and brands.

When I can, I enjoy sharing my examples and discovery process on our YouTube channel.

So, welcome!

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Why Kit & Bundle Ads?

In order to get higher AOV (Average Order Value) from your ads, it's common for some industries (like Personal Care, Haircare or Skincare) to push kits and bundles for ads, for two reasons:

  1. A product is usually in the $30 range, which makes it too cheap in several markets to get consistent >5 ROAS
  2. Benefits for the customer are usually better experienced if the products benefits (within a same range) are combined together.

So it make sense to publish and create Kit and Bundle Ads - but it can be tricky, and at least harder to do than for single products. One my main issue was that I hardly have enough time to highlight all the product qualities in a 30 seconds video ad when I want to create an ad for a single product... So for a whole bundle! 🤯

That's why I went to research great kits and bundles ads that I wanted to keep as references for later work. Here we go!

Video Ads Examples


Bundle & Save! Start fighting breakouts in the shower! 🚿 Our new dream team SILKSHAKE™ and FIZZ FOUNTAIN™ calm redness, kill zit-causing debris, and exfoliate for smoother, fresher skin.

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Thousands of hair treatments in the market, but this is the only Bundle your Curls need.😍

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Coco & Eve

Meet Deep Condition Bundle 💦 Our Like a Virgin hair essentials that quenches locks with an instant boost of hydration and nourishment. Coconut, fig, and Hyaluronic Acid delivers the best results and shine in one wash!

NEW: Deep Condition Bundle

Coco & Eve

Your favourite bodycare bundle just got an upgrade! 💫 Bali Buffing Sugar exfoliates, Body Moisture Whip nourishes, and our prebiotic-infused Smoothie Shower Gel cleanses skin to help you achieve major skin goals!

New & Improved: Bali Body Bundle!

Vanity Planet

Take 74% OFF this already reduced bundle with code 'SPECIALSAVING', and join 100% of purchasers who felt a 𝙘𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙣𝙚𝙧 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚 𝙙𝙚𝙩𝙤𝙭𝙞𝙛𝙞𝙚𝙙 𝙛𝙖𝙘𝙚. "I live in Colorado so I needed something to plump up my skin. The steamer is phenomenal, my skin feels so soft. The exfoliating tool does a great job getting rid of stuff in my pores. I have recommended this to a bunch of friends." - Tara F Now is the time to get that glowing skin you've been waiting for 🤩

The Missing Pieces in Your...

Coco & Eve

Your favourite bodycare bundle just got an upgrade! 💫 Bali Buffing Sugar exfoliates, Body Moisture Whip nourishes, and our prebiotic-infused Smoothie Shower Gel cleanses skin to help you achieve major skin goals!

New & Improved: Bali Body Bundle!

More Ads Examples (static images)

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More insights and the detailed process of discovery

Hi, my name is Mehdi, and I'm the founder of Panoramata, the ultimate Intelligence e-commerce platform.

And today I was actually working for a client andtrying to gather a few good examples and inspiration to create kits and bundles of Facebook and Instagram ads. Because Black Friday is starting right now, just around the corner.

So it's basically the kind of ads that we want to create.And I was about to do this benchmark to do this research using the platform we created because it's a perfect use case.And I just thought, okay, let's do it in public.Let's just use this as an example for the community, for the clients to show you how you can use the platform.

So that's what I'm going to do.I expect this to last five, six minutes.We should be good.

And let's see what we do find on the platform for kits and bundles ads.The first thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to click on the search ads link here, which is actually the global search where we gather all threads that we collect within the platform, the curated ads that we collect within the platform.And so all right, way better.What I'm going to do here is that I'm going to use this search bar, and I'm going to start with "bundle". Let's be super specific here.

What I'm looking for is actually in the cosmetics industry because my client is working in the cosmetic industry.So basically you can see the platform. What you're seeing are just ads that are featuring bundles somewhere in the creative or in the copy. Okay. So, yeah, interesting. So I kind of like the Weezie examples here because they mostly highlight the discount you might receive, right? Yeah, it's just mostly about the discount.

This one is interesting as well because it's featuring the discount. What I'm going to do is add it to a list that I've created here. 

Let's go and only look for personal care examples because that's the cosmetic and that's where I want to focus.We've seen those ones already.All right, so all examples from Vanity Planet. Let me see if something else comes up here.All right, so I kind of like this one here. You started to show something else than just the discount as just okay, I have three products that actually have a goal I'll put together. So you're actually selling a routine and not just the bundles. And I've seen these examples before and those are three examples that I quite like. You'll see that here? I'll just run them just right away. And you see that the thing that we're selling right now is not just the discount of the bundle or the kit, but we're selling and we're getting the benefits of bundling those products together.

It actually makes a routine. And here are the benefits. And you have Coco & Eve and you have Zitzika. And you see that these are great examples.These are exactly the examples that I'll put aside and actually add my favorites as well and share it with you later. But yeah, it's exactly the kind of example that I was looking for my client. The Coco & Eve ones are actually pretty great. I kind of like the creative itself. Same forZitZtickaYes, those are great examples. They are perfect. All right, add to favorites.I guess I'll put the listing the description down below. All right, Alya Skin.

See this one, we're deep into the discount, discount, discount, discount. But we don't see the benefits, so it's good to see the discount.

All right, this one, it's Coco and Eve again. Deep condition bundle, the same.

So you're showing the discount. That's a great example. And you're also showing and sharing the benefits of each product and the benefit of bundling those products together.So it actually makes sense to buy it not only for the discount, but also for the benefits themselves.So okay, that was exactly the example I was looking for. This one as well might be interesting. I'm cutting the sound. So actually the video is clear or Everyone.

But this one is as well. Head to toe trio. It's actually fun.Yeah, that's what I meant.

It's actually a fun example because you're showing the benefits,you're showing what it means and why those products should be bundled together with a new UGC video. And by that I mean a video that a customer might have made. Obviously, I don't think it's for real right now. That's not for real. But it looks like this and it's a great example. That's actually perfect. I'm going to keep that for sure as a reference later.I love this one as well.OK, that's Coco & Eve.

This is still Vanity Planet, still running what looks like a super creative.

OUAI, we haven't seen OUAI for now, build your own bundle yet.That's not exactly the kind of ads I'm looking for .So, I'll pass. What else could I find? Blume... new and improved bali BundleI like this kind of ads because it says, okay, we actually have a purpose here.

Best selling bundle, new and improved. I am actually just curious to know what's behind. All right, say big on our bundle. Do we see the benefit of the bundle here or not? Maybe not. It actually shows the routine. It's not that bad. It actually shows the routine and each product that is contained in the bundle. So it's okay, I guess, 15 seconds. So it's pretty short. It's good, it shows the texture, it shows real users of the product as a routine. So it's great. This is not a bundle at all. This is one of the few that we've seen at the beginning.

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