Best Websites for Email Design Inspiration in 2023

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Mehdi Boufous
Best Websites for Email Design Inspiration in 2023

Are you staring at a blank slate when it comes to email design? Email marketing is critical for eCommerce marketing. 

With email design, you don’t just look at visual appeal. 

There are aspects related to email deliverability, whether or not emails should be plain text or HTML-based, mobile-responsiveness, and more. 

If you are wondering how to get started with email marketing -- specifically on aspects of email design -- here are some of the best websites for email marketing inspiration for 2023:  

  1. Panoramata
  2. Really Good Emails
  3. Pinterest
  4. Behance
  5. Theme Forest
  6. Canva


[Shameless plug] We built Panoramata because we wanted to have a single resource for not only eCommerce marketing inspiration but also to have a dependable resource for benchmarking, creating inspiration lists, and tracking what eCommerce brands do for marketing. 

Panoramata helps you track competition, get inspired by creative ads or emails that hundreds of eCommerce brands use -- all in a single place.

Don’t just stop at eCommerce marketing inspiration when you use Panoramata though. Also use Panoramata for learning and for benchmarking your own marketing strategies. 

Check out examples of 100+ ecommerce email examples for free.

Get to learn the frequency of email each eCommerce brand uses, snapshots of website changes (if any), a quick look at the content marketing or SEO performance of a particular brand, the software tools (or marketing stack) a particular website or brand uses, and more. 

Really Good Emails 

Really Good Emails was built for email design and email marketing inspiration. Consistently, for a long time, the team at Really Good Emails has been curating email design examples to inspire some of the best eCommerce brands (and the marketing teams behind each). 

The “Explore” tab on Really Good Emails website is where your journey begins. 

Go deep on all kinds of email marketing campaigns and email designs for reviews, testimonials, shopping cart abandonment emails, welcome emails, automated email sequences, and so on. 

Go deep with industry type, email marketing type, and more. 


Pinterest can surprise you with the range of ideas that it can throw your way -- from email design to terrace deck designs; from bathroom decor to website design. Pinterest was built for instant “visual” inspiration. 

Go to Pinterest, type in “Email marketing” or “Best Email Designs” and you’ll be flooded with more email design examples than you can possibly keep up with. 

Search, explore, get inspired, and save email designs you like. Maintain inspiration boards you love (and maybe even share these with your team, or with the entire world). 


Feeling experimentative? Are you up for a bold take? What if you want to explore the “unknown” in the world of email designs? 

Consider Behance.

Behance (now owned by Adobe) is built for “everything”  design -- ranging from architecture, branding, and illustration to web design, email design, and UX/UI. 

Searching for email design on Behance sends you down a path of delightful discovery, new creative ideas, vibrant colors, and a new take on good old email design. 

Theme Forest 

While everything that’s up on Theme Forest ​ is for “sale” -- templated email designs for sale -- the idea is for you to browse and get inspired (and not buy, unless you need to). Sourced from thousands of designers around the world, Theme Forest has email designs that you can get inspired from. 

While you are there, check out various other designs sorted into categories such as websites, Shopify themes, WordPress themes, Graphics, Illustrations, audio, and video templates as well. 

As with most of these websites for email design inspiration. Panoramata also provides insights on how any of these emails are built to perform. 

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