How to monitor your competitors' activity on an automated dashboard

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Mehdi Boufous
How to monitor your competitors' activity on an automated dashboard

Every brand wants to succeed and appeal to its audience… and beyond. Truth is… it’s hard - it’s hard in essence, but today, it’s also particularly hard because there are 1000s brands like you trying to do the same thing with the sole goal of engaging with the same audience you’re targeting.

That’s why keeping an eye on your competitors is crucial to your success. By analyzing their emails, SMS, ads, landing pages, catalogs etc. → you can get the right insights by looking at their tactics and understanding the trends shaping any market.

However - manually tracking competitors is PAINFUL. It’s hard and super time-consuming. We know - been there, done that.

That’s where Panoramata comes to play - it’s a solution to this challenge.

You can search for competitors from any industry, follow them, and instantly access all their updates on emails, ads, and landing pages, all displayed in one place on the platform's automated dashboard. With Panoramata, you can efficiently monitor and analyze your competition's tactics without wasting time and effort.

How to monitor brands and competitors

Panoramata gives you access to many data points on thousands of brands across various industries.

If you're interested in a particular brand or industry, you can easily search for it on the platform.

For example, let’s run a search on Fitness industry brands.

Once you have the search results, you can access each of the brands you’d want - and to follow them, you simply click on "Follow".

All the latest updates from the brands you follow will then be visible on your "Your dashboard" in the left-hand menu.

Your dashboard to track competitors

The Panoramata dashboard allows you to view the statistics on the brands you’re following and get in detail the latest emails they sent, the latest ads they published, and all the changes they’ve made to their landing pages.

The dashboard for followed brands includes several sections:

The list of the most active followed brands

Global statistics of followed brands during the last 30 days:

  • Active brands you follow: The number of brands you’re following which have had updates in terms of emails, ads, or landing pages.
  • New emails: The number of the latest emails sent by the brands you follow.
  • New ads: The number of the latest ads uploaded by the brands you follow.

An overview of the main marketing assets they’ve been using: latest updates related to emails, ads and landing Pages.

The latest emails sent by the brands you want to track:

The latest ads published by your competitors:

The list of e-commerce landing pages that have been updated recently:

This way, you can stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and strategies of the brands you are following.

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