How to Use Targeted eCommerce Ads on Social Media for High-end Clients

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Mehdi Boufous
How to Use Targeted eCommerce Ads on Social Media for High-end Clients

Better paying customers, high-end clients, repeat customers, repeat customers with a high customer lifetime value -- each of these results is the holy-grail for any eCommerce business. 

If you have to run targeted eCommerce ads on social media for high-end clients (as defined by any of the above parameters), your ad campaigns are better positioned to achieve a healthy ROI for your business. 

Here’s how to use Targeted eCommerce ads on Social (or elsewhere) for getting high-end clients or customers:

Default to Classy & Powerful Branding 

Getting high-end clients is a game of perception, backed by years of delivering quality products and experiences. This is how big name brands do business. 

Whether you are big or small, been in business forever or if you are just starting out, focus on the continuous work it takes to create a brand. 

Better branding automatically leads to better business.

No shortcuts here. 

Define High-end Clients 

Let’s say you are a credit card business, a fintech business, a bank, or a non-banking financial institution. When looking for high-end clientele as a perfect fit for your premium card solutions or banking products, how do you know who you should look for? 

A higher income? A better credit score? Historic purchase trends? Net worth?  Where do they live? What kind of homes do they live in? What type of cars do they drive? 

How do you know if a client is more profitable than others? Drawing up a simple list of pointers that define who you think is high-end, profitable, and so on is the first step for doing better ads.

Don’t skip the step. 

Reach on Social Networks they are on 

The good news (In a way) is that almost all types of customers (low-end, high-end) are on the same networks everyone else is on. 

Targeted eCommerce ads allow you to run ads on social platforms while separating regular buyers and high-end buyers. 

The likes of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks have a complete (and always updated) database of high-spenders, regular purchasers, and others (apart from the regular data on demographics and interests). 

Tap into the wealth of that data to launch precise, targeted eCommerce campaigns and ads to reach out to the targeted customers you seek. 

Run Retargeting Ads

One of the better use cases for running eCommerce retargeting ads is to double-down on precise targeting for campaigns while keeping the costs of advertising low. 

When you run regular campaigns, you’d already try to target high-spenders, purchasers of luxury goods, higher income demographics, and so on. 

Thanks to these ads, you’d get visits (traffic) to your website(s) and landing pages. 

Since most users typically leave without doing anything (not signing up, not taking action, abandoning shopping carts), this is a great opportunity to run parallel retargeting campaigns. You can sweeten the deal a bit, give out special offers, and strive to bring back visitors who you’d never get back otherwise. 

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