How to Introduce Someone to your Brand with Email Marketing [Examples & tips]

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Mehdi Boufous
How to Introduce Someone to your Brand with Email Marketing [Examples & tips]

Welcome email sequences sent out to your new subscribers and/or customers are a fantastic opportunity to make those critical first impressions matter. Automated welcome email sequences help you automate this part of email marketing effectively. 

According to hutte, these simple welcome email sequences or onboarding emails are 86% more effective than regular, plain newsletters. We'll explore

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Welcome Email
  3. Value Proposition
  4. Automations

Your welcome email sequences can help you: 

  • Connect with subscribers or customers 
  • Provide them with guidance on what they should do next. 
  • Introduce your brand to new customers
  • Entice buyers sitting on the fence to make a purchase with a discount. 
  • Help customers find answers to their questions by pointing them to FAQs, resources, videos, webinars, or blog posts. 
  • Set expectations for upcoming emails, and more.

Consider The Body Shop -- allow us to take you through the journey that The Body Shop planned out for its new visitors, subscribers, and customers (email content changes depending on tagging, segmentation, and so on).

Lead Generation Elements 

The Body Shop uses a variety of lead generation elements on their eCommerce store (with geo-targeting and localized prices displayed depending on the country your visitors are from). 

You’ll notice a series of lead generation elements such as popups, slide-in elements, sticky-bars, and announcement bars (at the bottom). 

These lead generation elements have a singular purpose: to collect email addresses by offering a discount coupon (strategies can vary). 

Visitors might sign up to receive tips, communication, and resources. Or, they’d sign up for a discount to shop later. 

Perhaps some people buy products right away. 

In all cases, audiences are tagged and segmented as such (depending). This leads to specific types of email messages sent later on. 

The welcome email 

If first impressions are “everything”, then your “first welcome email” sets the stage for what’s to come next. The first email in the sequence introduces your brand to customers, makes expectations clear, delivers something specific (like a coupon code), and so on. 

Here’s the first email from The Body Shop: 

Notice that the email carries everything the brand stands for -- logo, colors, the tone of the content, visuals, and more. 

There’s another CTA(call to action), prompting subscribers or potential customers to use a coupon to make a purchase. 

The “Get to know Us” button leads you back to the eCommerce store to help you understand the brand better. 

The “Shop Now” button means business, promoting email recipients to make a purchase.  

The Value Proposition Email 

Immediately next in line (after the first automated welcome email message) is a “value proposition” email.

One single email that tries to tell a story: how the brand started, their first store launch, some important causes that the brand stands for, and how the brand is trying to make a difference. 

At the end of the email, there’s a section helping you connect with the brand on social media networks. 

The messaging implies that you are joining a tribe, a community, and a firm belief that you help contribute to make an impact

Automated Email marketing 

The Body Shop brand sends out an email almost “daily” -- with an email marketing frequency of at least 18 to 19 emails per month. 

Crafty subject lines, emojis used along with subject lines, and plenty of visuals accompany each email. 

Here’s a sample of what The Body Shop sends: 

You’ll see plenty of emails promoting customers to purchase more, purchase often, and to take advantage of their offers. 

Also notice the use of countdown timers in a few emails. 

Often, there are other types of emails in the mix -- such as the “Celebrating Anita’s Legacy” email which tends to further the brand’s cause and interests. 

Using simple welcome email marketing sequences automates onboarding new customers, gives them more reasons to stay, and makes them feel that they are important.

Powerful ways to build and maintain your brand, if you ask us. 

Thousands of eCommerce created their own marketing journeys, welcome email sequences, automated email campaigns, and more -- this is in addition to what brands do with ads, overall content strategy, SEO, and more. 

Use Panoramata to trace several welcome email sequences, learn effective marketing strategies, build inspiration lists, use tagged or themed lists for benchmarking, and more.