The most requested Really Good Emails alternative for ecommerce marketers

Email collections platforms like Really Good Emails give you standard emails collections features and options. We love them and used them in the past, they're great at what they do. We're different: Panoramata gives you a true benchmarking platform specifically built for ecommerce, with way more marketing data: Social ads, Search ads, landing pages, catalogs, SEO, etc.
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"I feel like I'm saving a day a week.
I don't miss anything anymore."

"We now produce better creatives and we increased our CTRs."

"It's way easier to plan any big campaign like Black Friday."

Panoramata vs. Really Good Emails Comparison

Yes, there are differences between the two platforms. Here are a few of them.


Really Good Emails

Email Marketing Tracking

Track marketing emails send by businesses.

Journey/Flows/Sequences Tracking

Track popular flows by business (Cart Abandonment, Welcome, Post Purchase, etc.)

Landing page tracking

Track changes on websites and landing pages used in emails and ads.

Social Ads Tracking

Get newly published ads on social networks, such as Meta, Pinterest, Tiktok, etc.

Search Ads Tracking

Get newly published ads on search networks, such Google Adwords

Brands CRO and SEO insights

Get SEO and CRO insights on each brands.

Custom competitive reporting

Get custom reportings on a set of competitors you can define.

Request to track a competitor for free

Ask to get the tracking of a competitor for free on the platform.

Search accross all ecommerce marketing assets

Look by any keywords accross all emails and ads tracked on the platform.

Access to all the softwares used by brands

Get all the softwares used by any brand tracked on the platform.

No per user billing - flat pricing

Pricing is flat, no surprise. No per user pricing or hidden fees.

Email Marketing Welcome Journey by Ecommerce Brand

A Marketing Benchmark Tool for Ecommerce

Your competitors are using their own email marketing strategies - and the best practices are shared pretty much everywhere.

Now, execution differs. Now, you have a tool to know exactly how they are doing it and you can adapt to their strategy.

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The ultimate ecommerce benchmarking tool

Monitor your competitors digital marketing strategy

We track thousands of DTC brands from all industries, covering many niches and countries - so you can finally save time.

Tired of subscribing to 100s of newsletters, read every email and try to save best practices? Same for ads or websites changes?

We got you covered.


Get access toextensive live data and trend changes on emails, ads and landing pages

We give you the platform to get a better understanding of your competitors strategy. You won't loose big changes or offers in your inbox anymore.

Get marketing insights on your competitive landscape.

We did it manually for... ever. We built the platform to be more efficient. Emails, Ads, Landing pages changes, automated benchmarks. We got you covered.


Tailored for ecommerce

Email marketing monitoring

We monitor your competitors emails and organize them for you.

Email sequences breakdown

Understand what emails are part of the lost checkout journey, the welcome journey, etc.

Ads monitoring

On several networks, we manage to curate the best ads published by brands.

Brand profile

Get instantly the sense of twhat a brand is doing well thanks to their panoramata profile page.

Landing pages tracking

We track changes made by your competitors on their website. So you don't have to.

Industry benchmarks

Based on all collected data, we build industry benchmark you'll love to read.

Monitor your competitors efficiently.
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