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Ecommerce Email Marketing Benchmarking Tool
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Best Ecommerce Emails Brands Subject Lines
Ads, Emails and Website Benchmark Ecommerce Platform
Ads, Emails and Website Benchmark Ecommerce Platform

All your competitors marketing emails in one place

You don't need anymore to subscribe to 100 competitors newsletters, lose them in your inbox and miss on opportunities.

Get all the email marketing strategy of your competitors breaked down and make your benchmark efforts easy.

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Monitor your competitors biggest moments.

With Email Monitoring and Website Snapshots, instantly get the most important marketing moments of your competitors.

We'll let you know when significant changes are made - so you'll never miss anything again.

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Competitive reports and industry Insights


Get inspired for your upcoming campaigns

Made by and for eCommerce marketers

We built this tool because we needed it - for inspiration, benchmark and competitors analysis.

We couldn't find anything like it, so we built it.

Get instantly what your competitors are doing well, where they could improve - and what are the opportunities you could take.

Get the inspiration you need for your future campaigns, along with industry insights.

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Get access to what makes great brands.

Email marketing is key for every ecommerce brand - every week, best players are sending content, marketing and promotionals emails.

Now, you can understand what they optimize, and observe their whole email marketing cycle.

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You're in good company

Excellent  4.9 out of 5

We find new opportunities

Panoramata helped us so much to get a better overview on what our competitors were doing. Before, we were subscribed to all their newsletters, and we missed a ton of informations... Now, it feels good and we detect new opportunities much more easily!

John Sweet
CEO, BlueChip

We improved our conversion rate

Panoramata is helping us to understand our business more deeply and to make better decisions. We use it to analyze our market position, our competitors' behavior and to look for new opportunities. It has also helped us to improve our conversion rate on our emails - and we're using it for customer retention and marketing!

Sarah Smith
Mailchimp, Market Lead

Best platform

The best tool to benchmark your competitors email marketing strategy ! It helped us to understand our competitors better and to develop a stronger marketing strategy.  Thanks Panoramata team !  Panoramata is a great tool for a better understanding of our market and our competitors.

Yasin Mayo
CEO, Memberlog

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