Alcohol and Wine Industry eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategy: Inspiration and Best Practices

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Mehdi Boufous
Alcohol and Wine Industry eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategy: Inspiration and Best Practices

Alcohol and wine have been part of the throat and tastebuds of people worldwide whether during a special occasion or an ordinary day at home. They belong to the beverage’s ever-growing industry. It is a challenging business in terms of different aspects  - from dealing with restrictive regulations to using effective digital marketing tactics. 

Many alcohol and wine industries are having difficulty in the midst of competition. With the key points we share below, we aim to help combat these challenges. 

1. Always in that “giving mood”

2. The perks of being a club member

3. Product presentation at its finest

4. Almost everything you need to know 

5. Entertainment and selling rolled into one 

Always in that “giving mood”

Let’s start with El Rayo Tequila, a brand inspired by the vibrancy of modern Mexico that introduces modern tequila designed to pair with tonic. Its brand identity was developed under a Mexican folk tale, an ancient popular legend of the origin of tequila. Both the branding and packaging are filled with hints of pop art and a contemporary aesthetic.

El Rayo Tequila’s solid love and support for arts are also evident in this free ticket promo where you get the chance to enter an art fair and a voucher to spend on an art piece, and 3 pieces of prints from an experimental abstract artist. That is, of course, on top of free Tequila and tonic bottles and a hotel stay to wrap it up.

🚨 Win The Other Art Fair tickets + more worth £620

They said to sweeten the deal, you might want free chocolates. Here’s a little push for more giveaways where they partnered with a chocolate brand to give you free treats. What’s more interesting is that the collaboration looks perfect because the chocolate brand COCO Chocolatier is also centered on creativity and arts. 

🆓 FREE Chocolate.

Here’s another free ticket promo from the brand. In celebration of the June Bank Holidays, they sent out a newsletter in early May. This serves as an invitation to join the contest for a chance to grab a weekend ticket to a Gala Festival and 2 bottles of Tequila. 

🕺 Win Gala Fest tickets + Tequila!

Whether it’s an art exhibit, a gala event, a holiday or a particular day, El Rayo Tequila always finds itself in that “giving mood”. Just like what you would see on this newsletter sent the day after “Random Acts of Kindness Day”. Here, they encouraged everyone to do a good deed. Plus, if they could spot their poster, snap a pic and tag it in Instagram stories, then it would mean a free El Rayo gift box. So generous!

🤝 Make someone smile

The perks of being a club member

To cater to the wine lovers out there, subscriptions play a big role for marketers. In a subscription business model, customers are charged on a recurring basis for a product/set of products or services. They choose how long and how often they want to receive each offer, and most subscriptions provide the option to renew or cancel at any time. Think of a subscription as a contract between you and your customers.

We’d love to show you this example of a wine subscription from Surely where they boast about the bragging rights of being a wine club member. 

This is a club invite sent via their newsletter. 

Your Wine Club invite 💌

First, a big banner with animated texts that read “Members Only” plus a FOMO to hurry up to be included in the first 250 members, and a percentage discount of 25% mentioned early on. You’ll find a CTA Learn More at the bottom part of the banner image. That’s just the first button, more when you scroll down.

Just below the banner image, they enumerated all the things you would get as a club member (the reasons why they say it’s not a regular, boring subscription program). These were followed by another CTA that read Join the Wine Club.

They also mentioned the first upcoming events and the dates, and another CTA button, the same as the above reads Join the Wine Club.

In the last part of the email copy, they reiterated all the perks of being a wine club member, this time, on a different design and layout. To wrap all up, a final CTA Become a Member comes at the bottom-most part.

You’ll find all you need to know about this subscription on a dedicated page on their website.

Looking at the presentation and layout, you would not miss a single detail about this offer. And, it’s also clear where to click to opt-in. They also managed to include social proof (star rating with comments) from their early subscribers. They also presented the perks in an exceptional way,  that is, by dividing them into two categories - physical and digital. They also had a quick video walkthrough showing that you are in full control of your subscription plan with just a few clicks on the site.

Product presentation at its finest

Here’s another example of a Tequila distiller brand located in Mexico - called Tequila Herradura. What we love about their marketing and website is that they present all their products in a nice, complete, one-stop presentation that you would enjoy browsing through, and would make you want to consider buying for once.

Let’s take a closer look at the pages. 

As you would see above, they neatly present each tequila with the product profile, awards received, and product comparison in terms of taste, aroma, color, and finish. Plus, they include a bunch of recipes you can try with all the ingredients and a guide to preparation. 

Almost everything you need to know 

Hey! We hope you’re enjoying the list so far, along with learning and getting inspired. We’ve got a few more examples of digital marketing strategy best practices as you read on.

This one is from a wine brand called Firstleaf. One of the major things you would notice on their website is the presence of a page dedicated to their blog articles. They call it the Firstleaf Wine School. True enough, you would learn and discover through this section almost anything about wine from a basic beginner’s guide to wine pairing to holiday gifting to fun facts and a lot more.

We know that it is a great move to have such a blog section given all the benefits you could get from blogging - it brings more value to the customers, improves SEO rankings, establishes your business as an industry leader, generate leads and increases your chances of conversion, and gives your company a voice.

It would be best if they could allot a portion on the page where people can shoot questions they want to be answered in the next coming blogs. This would promote more engagement and would serve as a survey of what might be a trending topic now. Another thing is to provide an option to share the blog article directly with a friend’s email or socials.

Entertainment and selling rolled into one

They say that the first trick of advertising is to make people pay attention. This is the kind of marketing technique a beverage brand Aviation Gin uses to build brand trust. People generally like people who can make them laugh, and trust people they like. 

This is a portion of their website where you can see the Youtube videos with funny tones. Humorous ads can be effective if there is a clear and memorable tie-in to your company, product, or service. It also compels viewers to share your video with friends and family, thus widening your audience base.

We keep on reviewing and featuring industry and brands’ best practices. Does your company belong to another industry? Care to share your thoughts?