Fenty Beauty Email Marketing Strategy

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Mehdi Boufous
Fenty Beauty Email Marketing Strategy

If you’re a Rihanna fan, you might have also heard of her beauty brand - Fenty Beauty. This makeup and skincare line is popular for its broad inclusivity across all skin tones.

Inside Panoramata, you’ll discover a whole lot of perspective when it comes to brands’ marketing strategies. One of these is email marketing. Now let’s dive into Fenty Beauty’s very own approach to communicating their products, new releases, promotions, and their brand in general.

On an average, Fenty Beauty sends 6 emails per week. Emails arrive to your inbox mostly on Tuesday (19%) & Monday (15%), mostly at 3pm (53%). They use the software Klaviyo to send these emails.

Focus on Fenty Beauty email Marketing Strategy

At Panoramata, we use various data points to assess the quality of an email: for instance, spam score, subject length, email size and many others. 

Fenty Beauty gets an average spam score of 0.1 which is ok. Any value below 3 is good, above is considered as spam. The lower the score, the higher the chance of an email landing in an inbox.

What about Fenty Beauty subject lines then? This is a key component for any ecommerce email marketing strategy. Of course, this is something that you need to test again and again to see what will work perfectly for you. But for Fenty Beauty, we noticed that their subject lines are around 40 characters on average. We recommend trying to keep your subject lines within 34 characters.

Just a fun fact - on the last emails we received from Fenty Beauty, 17% had emojis on the subject line. Their most popular emojis are ⏰ ✨ 👀 💄 👻 😔. And their most common words used in their subject lines are the, to, for, your, free, holiday.

To give you an idea of the subject lines they’re using, the last emails we received from Fenty Beauty had the following subject lines:

  • Eaze into the New Year!
  • Be honest, did you apply SPF today? 👀 
  • Dryuary, where fam?
  • RIP 2021 👻 you won’t be missed
  • Gloss Bomb Dip got NEW SHADES!

Interesting, right? Here are some screenshots of their last emails:

Eaze into the New Year!

Be honest, did you apply SPF today? 👀

Dryuary, where fam?

Also, an important thing to consider here is the size of the emails - the lighter, the better (under 700kb is a good benchmark). Fenty Beauty sends emails with an average email size of 1175.45 Kb.

And - the most interesting thing is how they manage to automate or sequence these emails, right? Well, we got you covered!

Focus on Fenty Beauty email Marketing sequences

As for now (but we’re always finding more), we identified 4 email marketing automations and journeys for Fenty Beauty ecommerce email marketing strategy.

Welcome Journey

Their Welcome Journey has 3 emails.

First, they sent an email, with “You’re officially a part of the Fenty Squad!” as the subject line.


  • 3 days after, they sent an email “So… what’s in it for you?”

Then 4 days after the previous email, they sent an email “Your account is almost complete!”

Lost Checkout Journey

Oh if you forgot something on your cart, they have emails to recover a lost checkout.

First, they sent the email “You forgot something.”

One day after, they sent an email reminder with the subject “Still available: You. Need. This.” to give a chance to still recover your cart.

The day after that, they sent another email reminder “P.S. Your shopping bag is waiting…”

Now let’s talk about Fenty Beauty’s promo emails during special events.

Singles' Day - 11.11 Journey

They have this Singles’ Day - 11.11 Campaign which started on 11th of November and ends on the 15th. They sent 4 emails in line with the campaign.

The first email goes “Celebrate Singles’ Day with $15 Lipsticks 💄”

On the second day of the campaign, they sent another promo email with the subject “Sooo good for smoochin’ 💋”

After one day, here came another email “You ready to unbutton this promo? 😏”

And to close the sale, they sent this email “Highly giftable lippies for all your besties!” 2 days after the previous one.

Cyber Week Journey

During Cyber Week, the brand released a sitewide sale with 5 emails on the sequence.

They started the announcement with this email “Cyber Week Early Access: 30% OFF SITEWIDE‼”

On the same day they sent another email with the subject “isiah, your exclusive 30% off everything ENDS TOMORROW” but with the same content.

After one day, they sent this “Cyber Week Early Access is NOW - you're on the guestlist!”

Then they sent another email 10 hours later with the subject line “Cyber Week Early Access is ALMOST OVER!” to serve as a countdown for the early access big discount.

One day after, they sent the email “It’s Cyber Week, baby! 🎉 25% OFF SITEWIDE”. It still got a discount though a little less since the early access promo has already ended.

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