Shopify Email Best Practices: How to Use Shopify Email

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Shopify Email Best Practices: How to Use Shopify Email

Picture this: with more than 4 billion email users (and growing), 306 billion emails sent and received, and there’s no denying that your biggest opportunity for eCommerce marketing is inside your customers’ (potential and existing) inbox. 

If you use Shopify, you have all the tools you’d need

Say hello to Shopify Email

Shopify Email is baked right into the platform (so, you don’t have to wait to start using email marketing for all that it can do). 

Shopify Email is an inexpensive (and accessible) way to start email marketing right from inside your Shopify store -- without having to use third-party email marketing software. 

In a recent Hutte survey, email marketing is now currently seen as the “go to” channel for businesses represented by retail, marketing, technology, healthcare, real-estate, and nonprofits. 

This is how the entire marketing spectrum looks like, according to the survey. 

The survey goes on to arrive at the marketing goals (that we intuitively know): 

  • Acquire new customers
  • Retain customers, both old and new
  • Increase the lifetime value of customers
  • Create awareness. Create a buzz. Build a loyal fanbase 
  • Build a larger pipeline of leads and customers
  • Increase the average order size of transactions
  • Grow the size of the email list. 

Email marketing helps you achieve all of the marketing goals above.  

With Shopify Email marketing, however, there’s no time for you to “experiment, try, and try again”. 

Shopify Email means business. 

This means that everything you do with Shopify email gets right down to doing exactly what it takes to help you meet the objectives and marketing goals above -- acquiring new customers, retaining old customers, boosting order value, building your loyal fanbase, and more. 

Here’s exactly how you set out to achieve eCommerce marketing goals for your Shopify Store: 

Design branded emails, Without Design Chops

Shopify Email has a built-in editor to help you drag-and-drop, and build gorgeous email campaigns that stay on brand. This means that your logo, colors, product images, button colors, and all other design elements stay true to your brand. 

Shopify Email imports your logo, store colors, and other branding elements right into your email template designer (saves you time). 

Then, you have the option of picking up appropriate email templates (illustrated), according to the type of campaign you’d like to run -- more on that below) such as product collections, sales campaigns, restock broadcast campaigns, regular newsletters, event-based templates (such as holidays or events), and more. 

Finally, customize these templates to make them your own (on top of the branding elements of your store already imported). For instance, you can change the copy of the email, add more images or text, and add more buttons or other elements. 

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Email Marketing Automations: Getting to The Good Part, Quickly 

More than 47% of businesses swear by email marketing automation, according to VentureBeat

More than 67% of businesses know that email automation helps improve targeting of their messages, and allows for precise segmentation of your audiences. 

Email marketing automations are good for your business. Email marketing automation helps you send welcome email messages, scheduled promotional emails (or sales emails), send transactional emails, nurture your audience with blog updates, and help boost revenue with upselling email campaigns. 

Of course, there’s a lot more you can do with email marketing automation (and we aren’t even scratching the surface). 

Shopify Email marketing has automations, available for you to unleash the super power that email automations give eCommerce brands. 

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Choose from ready-made pre-built automations (welcome, winback, upsells, and more). Select conditions, triggers, segments, actions, and workflows to suit your campaign purpose. 

Email Segmentation Is Pure Gold 

Whatever you do with email, you don’t want to sound something like this: 

“Dear Customer # 234567”, “Hey patron”, or “Hey”. 

You’d do well to personalize email campaigns to individual customers. Since you operate at scale, personalization of any kind is hard to achieve without segmenting your audiences -- using groups and tags. 

The more automated this is, the better your email campaigns get. 

An Infographic by ActiveTrail reveals that at least 58% of revene is generated thanks to segmented and personalzied emails. More than 62% marketers believe that personalization is an effective technique. 

Further, segmented email campaigns boost open rates by 40%. Revenue, email deliverability, leads, and sales -- all of these increase by at least 24%. 

Segmentation is the effort you take to put your audience(s) into appropriate segments based on geography, gender, total revenue, customer status, product categories purchased, and more. 

Segmentation allows you to stay relevant, communicate appropriately, and stay away from the danger of  going “mechanical”.

With Shopify Email, segmentation is built-in and tightly integrated. 

Since your Shopify eCommerce store is directly connected to Shopify Email, you can pick from your existing customer lists, and create new customer segments automatically.

Personalize your email allowing you to reach the right customers with appropriate and relevant email marketing messages. 

 Your email messages will arrive in your customers’ inboxes with your branded domain name. 

Shopify Email Campaign Analytics, At your Fingertips

You’d not know how you are doing email marketing campaigns without analytics. 

For all the email marketing campaigns you’d send, you’d do well to be able to send and track emails, exactly where you also manage products, product orders, inventory, and also other digital marketing campaigns. 

With Shopify Email marketing analytics, you own your data. Keep a tab on campaign performance, learn how your email campaigns are performing (in terms of leads, sales, conversions, order values, transactions, upsells, and more). 

You’d also get your own story about how your campaigns perform and how you can improve your results -- for each email campaign. For example, you’d know the right time to try a new email design, change the copy inside your emails, experiment with new offers, finetune your messaging, and refine your approach over time. 

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