Tracksmith Marketing Strategy - Their best emails, ads and marketing strategy

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Mehdi Boufous
Tracksmith Marketing Strategy - Their best emails, ads and marketing strategy

Tracksmith is an American sports apparel brand that aims to celebrate the style and culture of competitive running. It edges towards people who take the sport seriously and are committed to being the best runner they can be.

The brand markets itself to the "amateur" runners, but definitely competitive ones. So their marketing strategy is laser-focused on delivering content, experiences, and messages that will resonate with the running class.

Ready, set, run…

Strong connection between story and audience
About Us page

About Us page is the ideal place to accommodate a number of objectives — communicate the story of your business and why you started it. Describe the customers or the cause that your business serves. Explain your business model or how your products are made. And if there’s anything more you can add that is interesting to your audience, this page of your website is a good spot.

What we like:
We’re impressed by Tracksmith’s ability to know who it is as a company and be confident with the image it presents. The branding is deliberate and clear, a job well done!

Let’s take a look bit by bit:

For whom?

On the home page above the fold section, “Champion for the Running Class” speaks to the specific audience right away…right on time.

Followed by clear content just below, so you’ll know that as a competitive amateur runner, the brand talks to you directly.

What’s with the name?

Tracksmith also has a way of making its brand name appeal to the audience by explaining the meaning behind it in a simple dictionary-like presentation. It’s easy to remember and it’s another trivia for trivia lovers.

What about the logo?
Here’s another piece of trivia…the brand logo is explained in more detail.

Now, emphasizing the brand’s values and beliefs.

And just like any product, you’ll definitely want to ask about its quality. So here, Tracksmith takes you to the process of how its products are being made and its commitment to quality. It also sends you to a dedicated page to get a glimpse of their design process, sourcing, and manufacturing. 

Actual experiences shared with audiences
Events Calendar


Events can be a promotional strategy that involves face-to-face contact between your brand and your customer. 

What we like:
Tracksmith’s events calendar revolves around the running calendar and it has a deeper sense than just being promotional. These events create and share experiences that competitive runners can relate to, thus showing more their passion and love for the sports.

Short but sweet…and loud too.
Email Newsletter

On Panoramata, our intelligence tool for eCommerce, we track Tracsmith’s email marketing campaigns from their welcome journey, lost checkout, events journey, and promo emails on a regular basis.

Email marketing is widely used nowadays by brands of all forms and sizes. Emails can be used to generate sales, enhance customer engagement, acquire customers, create brand awareness, and reward customer loyalty.  Different brands have various ways of creating email content however it seems to fit their audience and purpose.

What we like:
Looking at Tracksmith’s email newsletter format, here are the things we noticed:

  1. Straightforward, easy to digest
  2. Short and simple yet bold enough
  3. Consistent

You would also notice that each of their copy is usually accompanied by 1 to 2 lines of short and simple heading. The text fonts are presented huge enough to cover a good space – this makes the content loud and easily attract your attention.

Wanna take a closer look at it for inspiration? Sure, here are some of their emails.

Tracking their email newsletter, we noticed that more than 90% are structured with their logo, a headline that matches the subject line plus a big image, one paragraph of at least 20 words each, CTA, and links to their collection.

They send emails from Tuesday to Sunday, most especially during Wednesday (31% of their emails are sent) with Klaviyo as their usual sending provider.

Consistent with branding
Lost Checkout Journey


Checkout abandonment happens when customers go through their journey, add items to their cart, and are ready to pay – but drop off the site after entering their payment information at the checkout, whether it's a registered account or a guest checkout. Regardless of the reason, it is highly recommended to reach out to the customers for anything they need. It’s usually done by sending several lost checkout reminder email to them.

What we like:
Even with your lost checkout journey emails, you can still be consistent with your branding, just like how Tracksmith does it with their 3-email sequence.

  1. Email subject lines are motivational, just right for an athlete
  2. Again, simple and short copy 
  3. By the end of each email, they offer help via phone or email support

The first email goes “We Know You Hate To Lose. Anything. Finish with confidence.”  ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌

It consists of the 2 short lines (same format as the other emails) Don’t DNF (did not finish) - a common language for runners, races, riders, etc.

The second email (sent the following day) has the subject line “Time To Sprint. The items in your cart will not be here long.”

And for the third email (send one day after the last), the subject line is “Your Cart is About to Expire. Finish checking out so you can get out for a run.”

Emphasizing solution to a common problem of customers
Facebook Ads

What we like:
What we like about the Facebook Ads copy of Tracksmith is that every day is a race day as it seems. They make running universal and an everyday activity regardless of the condition outside. In these ads, they show that weather is not a hindrance to doing what you love – running. Running is perennial and their clothes can keep up.

We also noticed that they usually publish Facebook ads 8 to 12 times per month. Out of these ads, more than 16% have videos while the rest have images on them.

Congratulations on finishing the race. See you again next time for more insights from brands we track on Panoramata.