Best Email Journeys for a Product Launch

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Mehdi Boufous
Best Email Journeys for a Product Launch

Launching a product posts a lot of challenges to small and big businesses alike. It takes a well-defined marketing strategy and tactics to find success in a launch. 

Even if you come up with the most revolutionary product that offers the best solution ever invented, marketing your product will still be the final verdict. Get inspired by some well-known DTC brands and start building your own path. 

In Panoramata, whenever the featured brands launch a new product or collection, we keep track of promotional emails they send out in line with the launch. That is through a specified “email journey”. In doing so, we won’t miss out on the entire campaign. 

Take a closer look at some of the best email journeys and be ready to learn from them.

1. Typology - A minimalist approach 

Typology is a popular personal care brand that offers a wide-range of products with minimalist formulas. 

The brand recently released its newest collection. Let’s find out what it is through their perfectly-aligned email sequence.

Email #1 - Build up the teaser
Subject: The Typology spa comes to you

They started with a teaser campaign that generated just the right amount of buzz by using the word “spa” and the idea of it coming to your own home. Simple yet intriguing.

Email #2 (4 days later) - Announce Early Access
Subject: EARLY ACCESS: 3 new Typology products

Four days later, they sent out early access to their 3 new products with a powerful “Discover Now” CTA that gives the audience that sense of exclusivity. This further builds trust and makes them feel part of the privileged community.

Email #3 (8 days later) - Formally introduce the product
Subject: LAUNCH: Discover our new collection

Now that curiosity has been boosted, it’s time for them to formally introduce their new products. The email is composed of 4 quick statements and one main image, being true to its minimalistic style. The good thing about it is that no distraction comes in the way – just a plain introduction of the product, highlighting the benefits and solution it provides.

Email #4 (9 days later) - Present the product in more details
Subject: LAUNCH: It’s A Real Eye Opener

This 4th email is primarily designed for the other segment of the audience who have not purchased yet, or are still not fully convinced. Again, simple lines but this time with a little more push as they used parallelism “espresso of tired eyes” to convey their message. They also mentioned one of the powerful ingredients (i.e. blueberry hydrosol) to further support its claim.

2. Vessi - VIP feels 

Vessi is a footwear brand specializing in sneakers that are lightweight, breathable and 100% waterproof. They recently launched their shoes for everyday wear called “The Everyday Move”. On the launch campaign, it is noticeable that they give emphasis on a VIP kind of access to this new product.

Email #1 - Create a teaser and an early access
Subject: Want first ☝️ dibs?

This first email is a teaser informing recipients that something new is in store for them. And that, an early access is just a text away. Furthermore, it highlights the perks of being on the VIP list.

Email #2 (3 days later) - Reiterate VIP access
Subject: VIP ACCESS This WAY →

Again, an invitation for VIP early access but this time the name of the product is now introduced. “Shop before everyone else” encourages the audience even more.

Email #3 (2 days later) - Reveal the product
Subject: Our Biggest Launch of the Year

Five days after their teaser email, they formally introduce the product as out in the market. The email comes with a main product image, its features, benefits, and color variants.

3. Muse - generous promo code at launch

Muse is an electronics brand well-known for its brain-sensing headband that helps improve focus and provide better sleep.

When they launched their Muse S Gen 2, one remarkable style was their use of a launch code available to their general audience.

Email #1 - Create a mystery
Subject: [coming soon] Revolutionary would be an understatement.

First off, Muse created a mystery out of the coming launch. The email read as “Something revolutionary is coming.” supplemented by the question “Can you guess what’s coming?” What a way to build audience curiosity so they keep expecting the next coming messages.

Email #2 (7 days later) - Give away a promo code
Subject: Introducing: The Digital Sleeping Pill

To make the launch extra big, they give away a promo code. It also promotes buying the bundle since the code is available when you purchase the bundle deal, and it’s offered for a limited time only.

Email #3 (8 days later) - Go into details about the product
Subject: The world's first Digital Sleeping Pill

This 3rd email provides more information about the product - how it works, its features, benefits, plus a review testimonial from a customer. So with an ongoing discount promo, the chance of buying is bigger now.

Email #4 (12 days  - Make sure they don’t miss out
Subject: Re: Did you hear the news?

As you would notice, this 4th email is an exact reiteration of the previous (3rd) one. It serves as a reminder for those who haven’t taken advantage of the offer. And perhaps, some have missed the 3rd email on their inbox. So why not make your presence felt a little more?

We hope you get inspired by the above brands to take on the challenges of future launch. For more insights, visit Panoramata.