Heights marketing strategies - social proofs, regular content delivery, sharing conversations

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Mehdi Boufous
Heights marketing strategies - social proofs, regular content delivery,  sharing conversations

Heights is a health and wellness brand that develops and provides smart supplements specifically designed to improve our brain’s health and performance. It was founded primarily to help people do more of what they want by investing in its science-based brain care.

Just like any industry, supplement brands face a lot of challenges in marketing their products and reaching qualified audiences. 

Let’s take a peek at some clever ways in which Heights has achieved its height today on the market.

1. Showcasing customer experience here and everywhere

One thing we noticed on Heights’ website is the use of different forms of social proof. Yes…the ever-green, all-time favorite social evidence that every brand would love to collect from their fans. Customer testimonials, social media community, press mentions, interview videos - you name it, they have it.

Consider these two well-known facts: Trust always comes first in winning customers. Reviews have the power to gain customer trust. In essence, reviews win customers.

Online reviews help consumers make purchasing decisions. Customers are 63% more likely to trust brands with online reviews compared to brands with no reviews. A lack of reviews makes buyers feel increased risk, which makes them less likely to buy.

Let’s break down the powerful ingredients they’ve used.

  1. Use product review platforms

It is crucial for any brand to showcase some social proof. Just like what Heights did on its website homepage. It displayed 5 star-ratings from several customers. You will notice the Trustpilot logo on the left side and the TrustScore and the total number of reviews on the right. Trustpilot is one of the online product review platforms. 

An ideal way to collect and display product reviews is by integrating your website with product review platforms. These platforms allow adding customer review features to products. This provides a way for your customers to engage with you and with other consumers as well. It usually provides a star-rating feature, commenting space, the ability to add a photo, and a way to filter reviews by the attributes of reviewers. 

When shopping, most people compare various product features based on customer reviews before they narrow down their choices. Customers usually express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction by writing a review. For shoppers, this can be their first impression of your product. 

  1. Get backed by the community

Aside from the company’s claim that its brain supplement is backed by science, its quest for credibility is also backed by the community on Instagram.  

Instagram is not just about posting pretty pictures. Instead, it’s about community engagement and a popular platform to tell the story of your company and share positive interactions between your brand and real people. 

Here’s another way where Heights used social proof, this time from their social media account. They have a network of engaged followers and invested users who believe in their brand and support their efforts. They share the success stories of these people both in their website and on IG.

  1. Cherish those press mentions from popular bodies 

We’re still on the homepage of Heights. Here, they also displayed the logo of popular magazines where the brand has been featured. 

One of the major benefits of a press release or mentions is immediate exposure to an established audience knowing that these magazines have gained popularity for long. Without a press release, a company would have to rely on its own network of contacts to get its story into the media. 

Press mentions can also give your brand major SEO benefits with increased traffic to your website. A potential sales increase will follow.

  1. Get even more personal with interview videos

One of the biggest challenges for health supplement brands like Heights is proving the efficacy of their products. Aside from the 3 abovementioned social proofs, they also have this customer review in the form of a video interview, also accessible from YouTube. 

Here, they talk to some popular personalities in different fields about their personal experience in relation to mental health and their feedback on using Heights. Since mental health is a broad topic that affects everyone (popular and non-popular people alike), it is an interesting way to tackle and circle around the conversation. It is a means to target your audience's pain points, to speak their language, and to discuss what problems they are facing.

2. Delivering weekly email newsletter

From the time you sign up for Heights’ newsletter, you’ll get a heads-up of when and what to expect in your inbox. Note that when promoting a newsletter, the heading should state the benefits of subscribing - not just "subscribe to our newsletter".

Their newsletter is one of the key channels and is shared every Sunday without fail. Newsletters can be a great way to market yourself, and also create credibility and build awareness for you and the services you provide. But to get the most out of newsletter marketing, you need to maximize your newsletter open rate. This is why email newsletter frequency and timing are so important. More and more audiences want to receive emails from brands they follow. Sending out a weekly newsletter is what most audiences want.

On Panoramata, we track 5000 brands and counting. Along with marketing insights, ads, and marketing software used, we also keep a history of brands’ email marketing. 

Here are some emails from Heights sent on 3 consecutive Sundays based on their schedule of send-out.

Subject line: Can you eat your way into a good mood?

Sent on 22 August 2021 at 07:02:AM

Subject line: 6 useless facts about vitamins
Sent on 29 August 2021 at 07:02:AM

Subject line: Has anyone seen my energy?

Sent on 05 September 2021 at 07:05:AM

3. Sharing expertise in a conversational way

Heights have created a podcast called Braincare dedicated to helping educate people about how to optimize their brain health. It is conducted through a series of bitesize interviews with the leading scientists and experts.

As a marketer, podcasting gives the opportunity to share expertise in a conversational way. It is an inspiring and empowering tool for audiences too, those who are really interested in the topic. It’s perfect for their daily busy routines because they can access them anytime and anywhere, thus you can reach more people. Plus, you can also add transcripts of the podcasts so they are easily searchable on search engines. You can also post your podcasts on blogs, to get more engagement.

Podcasts can also create a relationship of trust between the audience and the podcaster and therefore are useful for conversions. When somebody is listening to your voice, it is easy to convince them to convert with your personality and genuineness. By having them become familiar with your views, creative ideas, voice and format, your audience will start to trust you.

Let’s have a recap. 

  1. As a business, you need to collect the best and the most relevant comments to build brand loyalty and influence buying decisions. Choose the best channel/s to showcase them.
  2. Give a regular dose of helpful content for your audience to look forward to. This can be in a form of a newsletter or a blog.
  3. Be more conversational with your audience paired with expert advice to overcome the challenges that come with the type of product you are marketing.