Lululemon Marketing Strategy: A breakdown of best practices on their website, email marketing, and ads

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Mehdi Boufous
Lululemon Marketing Strategy: A breakdown of best practices on their website, email marketing, and ads

Lululemon is a Canadian athletic apparel brand. It was founded in 1998 as a retailer of yoga pants and other yoga wear and has expanded to also sell athletic wear, lifestyle apparel, accessories, and personal care products.

With stores around the world, Lululemon now sits as one of the top luxury fitness brands globally. But how did it get there?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best practices they’ve got. We spotted them for you with high hopes that you’ll learn something new in every aspect of their marketing strategy.

Listening is Caring –  a Feedback form on their website

Customer feedback gives you a glimpse inside your users' minds, and you can use that information to improve their experiences and boost conversions. The feedback that you collect directly on your website is a strong critique that can make or break a specific aspect of your business. 

What we like:

Lululemon has a survey tool installed on their website to gauge how satisfied their customers are with their experience, and how likely they are to recommend Lululemon to someone. It also provides an avenue to write their thoughts in more detail.

Things Lululemon can do to improve:

Add a field in the survey form where customers can raise product requests and suggestions about any product they think lacks in some ways (style, comfort, color, etc.). Right now, the survey is focused on customer experience, but not their specific needs (if any).

More help than what you expected – their Product Page

If you can think of any major objection or challenge customers might have in common, you can innovate ways to battle them. This way, more help is available to them so they are a step closer to actually converting.

What we like:

One thing we noticed on Lululemon’s product detail page is that each color variant has a different model wearing it and in most cases, there is a lot of diversity from model to model. Most notably though, the model’s clothing size and height are listed just below the product image. This is very helpful to potential buyers to help them make comparisons to their own body types. 

Another thing we like:
We also like how the brand understands that finding the perfect size can be challenging and therefore poses a great risk of rather postponing the purchase (Uh-oh!). So…it includes a “Size Guide” wherein you can take a 3-step quiz to find what size you are in. Another method to defeat the sizing challenge is by booking a chat appointment to talk with educators. Finally, you will feel that you are on the right track.

Straightforward, friendly, and inclusive – their Welcome Email Journey

First Welcome Email

When you create an account with Lululemon, the first ever email that will hit your inbox goes with the title “It’s all about you”

What we like:

It is so straightforward and friendly. It points to you as the very essence of their business. It orients you on what things to enjoy and expect from the moment you created an account with them.

Second Email from the Welcome Flow

The second email on the journey still has a friendly approach with the subject line “Your first lululemon email—welcome!” 

What we like:
You can already see from the image (active female and male) that the brand is gender inclusive. 

Third email in the Welcome sequence

The third email, two days after the last. Subject line: “Step one: these bestsellers. Step two: best workout yet.” 

What we like:
It talks about what they value as an activewear brand. An inclusive approach too - you’ll find what you’re looking for whatever style you may have.

Engaging approach – their New Product Launch Journey

The email teasing of lululemon launching shoes

Two weeks before the official release of the product, Lululemon sent an email with an intriguing question in the subject line – “You: lululemon does shoes?”

What we like:
In their email, they announce a product launch event (i.e. Strava Challenge) for customers to join. This can be a helpful and engaging activity to generate buzz around the new product.

The actual launch email

The second email, with the subject line “Just landed: lululemon for your feet”. 

The reminder of the shoes launch, one day after

A third email, the day after launch - “Found: fresh running gear” 

What we like:

This email is more like your style guide. They show gears that go perfectly with the running shoes recently launched. So early on, you are encouraged to complete your running outfit.

Consistency is the key – Subject lines of their newsletters.

People say that consistency is a critical driver for success. Being consistent means dedicating yourself to your goals and staying focused on the things to achieve them. 

What we like:
In their email newsletters, we noticed a remarkable consistency, especially in their subject lines. Even from the start of their welcome journey email, Lululemon mentioned that comfort and performance come first. True to their words, here are some of the subject lines and a sneak peek at their email marketing.

Subject lines:
- Colourful (quick-drying) gear ahead
- Go for a smooth finish
- Fast runs, quick cooldowns, hot sellers

- No pressing pause on comfort

- All tech. All comfort. All day.
- Softness that’s comfortable everywhere
- Fits like a glove, performs like a champ

- Hard workout? Bring it on.
- Softness that strengthens your training

Persistence is another key – their Facebook Ads during special events

Persistence keeps you trying and trying again. With every attempt, you will be an inch closer to success. Persistence pays off. With your marketing efforts, there’s always a need to be persistent. 

What we like:

Lululemon shows persistence in their Facebook advertisements during events like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, for instance. They combine ad copies using images and videos.

And for Mother’s Day, here are other examples of their Facebook Ads.

What we like:
Again, they showed different ad copies with same texts but different images and videos. Posting more frequently is always better for audience reach.

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