100+ Newsletter Examples and Ideas for Ecommerce for 2023

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Mehdi Boufous
100+ Newsletter Examples and Ideas for Ecommerce for 2023

Follow these newsletter examples and ideas for eCommerce email marketing, and you’ll be on your way to getting your creative juices flowing. 

Gear up for some stellar campaigns (that’ll work) you can run for your own eCommerce store. 

Some of these examples are evergreen (run them anytime). Others are seasonal. 

Depending on the time of the year, the occasion, or based on marketing objectives, get ideas to ramp up your marketing potential. 

  1. The restock "X is back" Emails
  2. The “Round-up” or Curated Newsletter
  3. The “Reviews, Testimonials, and social proof” Newsletter
  4. The “Stand-Up-For-a-Cause” Newsletter
  5. The “Giveaway” Newsletter
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The Restock “X Is Back” Emails 

When your products are back, your customers should know. Meanwhile, it’s one of those email marketing newsletter ideas that never run out of fashion. 

Here’s what Perfect Keto does when products are back in inventory. 

What we Like: 

  • Personalized emails, sent to existing customers, with [first name] used. 
  • The image is a GIF image that changes, flashes, and grabs attention. 
  • The product takes center stage, bringing in the visual appeal. 
  • Big and unmissable call-to-action button along with the coupon code and expiry date (tap into the FOMO). 

Find here 5 more great examples featuring Back in Stock Emails from Ecommerce stores.

The “Round-up” or Curated Newsletter 

Leading with information is the best way to keep your newsletter or email marketing campaigns “discreet” -- without pushing too hard. 

Knowledge helps breed trust. Start with content and help make your customers make informed decisions. 

Youth To The People’s Newsletter does that well. See how the content inside the email is a round-up of blog posts to educate existing or potential customers. 

What We Like: 

  • Simple, straightforward design 
  • Leading marketing efforts with curated and content-rich emails
  • A big, red banner at the top (announcing free shipping). 

The “Reviews, Testimonials, and social proof” Newsletter

Social proof is powerful. There’s no denying it. The more people vouch for a product, the more it’ll sell. Period. 

Making good use of the power of social proof and customer testimonials, The Nue Co brand makes for an excellent example of a newsletter filled with customer testimonials.

What We Like: 

  • Simple and elegant design 
  • The newsletter fills itself up with plenty of customer testimonials
  • Using images of people (with products) is powerful
  • Multiple sections with products + Testimonials + Call-to-action buttons. 

More examples of reviews used in emails available here.

The “Stand-Up-For-a-Cause” Newsletter

Nothing moves people more than a singular, collective pursuit. Common goals, interests, and likes help build a community. 

The more brands embrace the power of collective action - through communities or targeted campaigns or both -- the more dividends they hope to get. 

Using newsletters to bring in some action is one of the better ways to stir some activity up. 

Judy sells emergency kits and products for “emergencies” and their newsletter for “World Tsunami Awareness Day” fits perfectly with the kind of target audiences the brand targets. 

What We Like: 

  • Short and sweet. 
  • Visual presentation of tips and a push to visit the store.
  • The Call-to-action is not just a “Buy Now” button; it’s more contextual. 
  • Clever usage of the footer space (with product snapshots at the bottom). 

Here are other examples of social pledge used in emails.

The “Giveaway” Newsletter 

Barely anything screams “I want in” more than a carefully crafted giveaway campaign aimed at a specific target customer base (or audience). 

Otherland sells scented candles, ingredients, and scents (along with other products). 

See what the brand does with its “Giveaway” 

What we like: 

  • Tapping into the power of giveaways for marketing (aimed at a highly-targeted audience). 
  • Email visuals lead the messaging, putting products front and center. 
  • Handy links to various sections or product bundles. 

You can also organize a contest!

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