The most active brands during Black Friday

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Mehdi Boufous
The most active brands during Black Friday

No doubt Black Friday is one of the biggest sales for most brands. It is often the busiest shopping day of the year because it kicks off the holiday season. Retailers typically offer huge discounts on a ton of products.

We have identified the top 3 most active brands during Black Friday of 2021 based on promotional emails they sent to subscribers.

Let us examine how these brands ran their promo by looking closely at their Black Friday Sale email journey. With this, you’ll find inspiration for your next BF deals. It may sound too early for this year but who knows, you might also be needing the same kind of tactics for your own brand with the coming holidays and special events (not just on Black Friday).

Fashion Nova - “12 Days of Black Friday Steals” 

Fashion Nova is an American fashion retail company. It offers cheap and affordable fashion online that ranges from sexy club dresses, jeans, shoes, bodysuits, skirts and more.

It started quite early on its Black Friday deals. Its email campaign began on the 12th of November last year.

Let’s see what we have in our Panoramata inbox. 

First, they started the countdown with this email to establish a 12-day shopping deal.

Email #1: 🚨BLACK FRIDAY Steals Start NOW🚨$15 Jackets‼️

Each of the 12 days, they tag specific item/s for a discounted price. So on the first day, this Manhattan coat along with other jackets give you $15 off the price.

What’s more interesting is that aside from this particular deal, they announce a huge discount across all items. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this kind of bargain.

Email #2: $10 Sweatshirts & Joggers🤩Today's BLACK FRIDAY Steal‼️

The following day comes this email.

Again, another deal for $10 off with their French Terry hoodie. This time it's partnered with a separate sale which is an extension of previous deals.

Email #3: 🔥$15 Jeans🔥Today’s Black Friday STEAL!😍

One day after, they sent the 3rd email.

This email shows more push as it reiterates the sitewide sale along with 2 other deals.

Email #4: 💥Final HRS! Extra 10% Off ALL GRAPHICS!💥

Later on the same day they sent this 4th email. It uses FOMO (fear of missing out) to emphasize the soon-to-end sale.

Then followed by these 2 emails with the same theme on the next day.

Email #5: ✨$20 Lounge Sets✨A Can't-Miss BLACK FRIDAY Steal!💫

Email #6: ⏰⏰Final Hrs: 40-70% Off EVERYTHING⏰⏰

Email #6: ⏰⏰Final Hrs: 40-70% Off EVERYTHING⏰⏰

After several more emails repeating their announcement about 70% off sitewide sale, they sent this “Up To 70% OFF 💸 + BONUS 10% OFF!🥳”. They call this Happy Hour where they gave away an additional 10% discount on top of the ongoing sale.

The day before the official BF date 25th November, they sent an early access 🔥50% OFF EVERYTHING!!🔥BLACK FRIDAY⚫Starts NOW‼️

Then they started the countdown on several emails thereafter.

Charlotte Tilbury - “A Magical 30% OFF”

Now let’s go to one of the most popular makeup brands in the world - Charlotte Tilbury. They are also very particular about Black Friday as they offer different deals with each of their email. 

They started their campaign 6 days before the official BF date with this email:


They're creating quite a mystery on their email campaign using the word “Magical” to build audience curiosity.

The deal becomes more enticing as they offer not only free gift items but free delivery too.

Email #2: 30% OFF World-Famous Exclusives! Don’t Miss out 💗💫

After one day, they sent this email with more emphasis on the exclusive items that are part of the sale. The items are shown on an individual image with the name of the product and original price against sliced off price. And again, it comes with free gift items and free shipping.

Email #3: Skincare Kits Now 30% Off + FREE GIFTS Worth £98 ⭐💛💫

In this email sent one day later, they announced that another line of products (i.e. skincare kits) is now included in the sale.

Email #4: 30% OFF! Exclusive Kits Only Available TODAY ✨

Here comes another offer - one-day exclusive sale!

Email #5: 48 Hours! 20% Off BUILD YOUR OWN BEAUTY KIT! 💥

Two days before the official BF date, they came out with another great deal - 20% off on your beauty kit with your chosen makeup items. This is on top of the ongoing 30% off on what they called the makeup magic and skincare secrets.

Email #6: NEW ADDITIONS: 30% Off Even More MAGIC 🖤⭐

In case you didn’t find any product that fits your needs, don’t worry they came out with additional items on the list.

Email #7: 40% Off Black Friday Is HERE! 🖤✨

Yey Black Friday is here and a bigger discount is here too! And how does “Buy one palette get one free” sound? So if you have a family member or a best friend, you might think of gifting the other palette.

Email #8: IT'S BACK: 50% Off* 2 NEW! Mystery Boxes 🔮

New exciting offer on the 26th of November! Now you get 50% off with what they call the mystery boxes.

Then they created just enough FOMO with these 5 emails on the row. As you would notice, the  email subjects clearly define what the content is all about.

Email #10: 48 HOURS LEFT! 40% Off Black Friday Sale ❤️💫
Email #11: ENDING TOMORROW! 40% Off Black Friday Sale!
Email #12: ENDS TONIGHT! Black Friday Sale + 50% Off Magic Cream Refills! 🌟
Email #13: FINAL HOURS! 50% OFF Mystery Box + Icons REVEALED 📣💛💫

Mirror - “Best Deal of the Year”

Mirror is a lifestyle brand that offers its nearly invisible, interactive home gym featuring live and on-demand fitness classes in a variety of workout genres.

Let’s see what they brought to the table for Black Friday 2021.

Email #1: Save $750—Shop Early, Avoid The Holiday Stress

The campaign started early on the 4th of November. It was noticeably an advanced launch as they emphasized the idea to jumpstart your holiday shopping early to avoid the stress and hassle that go with BF. Another thing they emphasized is the total value of $750 that you can save when you shop now. That is instead of just putting a $500 discount because true enough, delivery and installation really count.

Email #2: Save $750—Make Fitness A Priority With MIRROR

This time, they gave emphasis to the idea of gifting Mirror for this holiday season. They also enumerated 7 of its features and benefits so the audiences will be more attracted to consider buying it for their family and loved ones. Plus, the fact that it comes with $750 savings. They sent this email 8 days after the first one.

Email #3: Save $750—Get The Mirror For As Low As $21/Month

Now another point of emphasis on your savings - monthly installment plan. The email landed in inbox 2 days after the previous one.

Email #4: Get The Mirror And Save $750

3 days later, they reiterated the offer and extended financing plans.

Email #5: Save $750—Choose From 50+ Types Of Workouts

On the following day, they showed more benefits that come with the product.

Email #6: Save $750—See Why Our Members Love MIRROR

And if you’re not yet convinced to buy, how about some words from actual users?

Email #7: Black Friday Week Has Begun—Save $750

Then here comes BF week when they offered bundle savings along with the ongoing $750 total value deal.

Email #8: ORDER TODAY: MIRROR Weights Are Here

They seemingly took advantage of the holiday season to add their newly-launched product “Mirror Weights” to their offer. Now you don’t just get a big discount but you also get to try these weights to pair with your Mirror. And they’re new to the market.

Email #9: Now $995—Black Friday Is Here!

Of course not everyone got the chance to avail of the offer. Some were too busy to shop, some were still undecided, some had a tight budget, etc. So they extended the BF sale with a bigger discount this time around.

Email #10: Get The Mirror For Under $1,000—Black Friday Extended

Email #11: Black Friday Extended:: Now $995

We hope you get inspired and excited to create your sales campaign. Don’t forget to always put your best foot forward a.k.a. your “best deal” forward.