Email Marketing & Jewelry Brand - A Review for the Holiday Season & BFCM

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Mehdi Boufous
Email Marketing & Jewelry Brand - A Review for the Holiday Season & BFCM

Email marketing for Jewelry Industry is one of the best practices to reach, inform and engage with your audience. We jsut published a video reviewing the best practices of the industry - using brands emails newsletters such as Ana Luisa, Kimaï and Mejuri, just after Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) and at the peak of the holiday season.

Let’s take a look these brands:

  1. Ana Luisa - they're able to send 15 emails in the last 14 days with different titles, subject lines, and different templates. They use several time the same picture and creative in several emails - with the same text as well. It allows you to easily send much more emails, which can hellp you cut through the noise of your audience inbox during holidays.
  2. Kimai is able to send emails every 2 days for the last 14 days and it's a great brand to get inspired by best practices - it's great email marketing.
  • A Word From The Founder, Sidney & Jess- it highlights the brand’s existence and mission.
  • Gifting Season Has Arrived- it highlights the best sellers' items they have to give an idea to their audience so that it will be easier for them to pick a gift.

     3. Mejuri is sending awesome emails. Here's a good idea to take from Mejuri:

  • Last Month’s Best- recap on what happened and highlight what’s going to happen. It draws the attention of the audience.

To put it concisely the email marketing best practices for Jewelry Industry:

  1. Send a lot of emails when you need to
  2. Repurpose some of your emails photography several times, don't hesitate
  3. Show your best seller product, front and center
  4. Allow the founder to connect with your audience.