Black Friday for Fashion Brands : Email Marketing Campaign Ideas and Examples

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Mehdi Boufous
Black Friday for Fashion Brands : Email Marketing Campaign Ideas and Examples

Are you excited about Black Friday? Whether you are a retailer or a consumer (a.k.a. bargain hunter), you should be! Yearly, Black Friday has been regarded as the peak of the shopping season. Shoppers begin their quest for winter holidays shopping, especially for Christmas, and nobody can afford to miss out on it.

We can safely say that this year, the Covid-19 pandemic is not anymore a hindrance to shopping wild and free as economies have begun to rise again – good news to marketers! Now you’re ready to make some serious profit out of the most awaited event of the year.

We wish you the best of luck the eCommerce world has to offer. Along with our good wishes, we are sharing with you this thoughtful list of the latest tactics to promote your Black Friday deals and boost your sales this holiday season. Read on for some really good examples from the Fashion industry brands. Stay tuned for the Personal Care, Home, and other industries in the coming blogs.

  1. Different levels of discount, plus free gift
  2. Early announcement to save the date 
  3. Pre-Black Friday, why not?
  4. Count on the urgency to fast-track sales
  5. Make the sale more exciting and playful 
  6. Offer new product drops
  7. Conduct a contest to reward loyal customers
  8. Donate part of your sales to charity
  9. Create FAQs dedicated to the event

Different levels of discount, plus free gift

As a consumer looking for some great deals, it is so enticing to see that there are a lot of choices up for grabs. Like in the promotional email example below from Blush Mark, they offered a specific discount for purchases over a certain amount. They showed different levels of discount when you spend more money – the higher you spend, the more you save. You can also use this idea to upsell and push higher spending. 

They sent the promo email on the day of Black Friday itself.

Black Friday is Now Live!

Sent by Blush Mark

A few hours after their first email, they sent another one with a whopping promo of free gifts on top of the sale that was happening. If you want to encourage your customers to purchase more, you can incentivize every purchase with a gift. Find the perfect example below:

Black Friday Savings Are Going Fast!

Sent by Blush Mark

Early announcement to save the date 

Announcing the sale early will give you sufficient time to generate buzz around the offering. You can start by creating an early email reminder to your newsletter subscribers and encouraging your audience to share the news, and following your social media for updates. 

This email example was sent by Ben Sherman last year, about 1 month before the actual Black Friday event. It’s never too early to promote your deals. Go find a good schedule to start sending emails. This way, your subscribers will have you on top of their minds as the actual sale approaches.

Black Friday Is Around The Corner – Don’t Miss Out 📅

Sent by Ben Sherman

Pre-Black Friday, why not?

You can already see amazing deals very early on. While some brands create a reminder to their customers about the upcoming Black Friday sale, some brands love to be generous as early as 1 week before the actual date. So they start giving away discounts on selected items usually.  

Take a look at the email example below from Outdoor Voices. They called it the Pre-Black Friday where they offered a 50% discount online and in-store for some select styles. It was from their last year’s BF promotion which they sent 7 days before the actual date.

50% Off Pre-Black Friday

Sent by Outdoor Voices

Count on the urgency to fast-track sales

Retailers routinely extend Black Friday sales beyond Thanksgiving weekend and into Cyber Monday. You can start leaking deals through advertising in late October and early November, then nurture through email and social media to drive sales. But don’t forget to count on the urgency to drive sales more rapidly when you are near the end of your sale period. Sharing an example below from Happy Socks. 

Black Friday is ending soon! ⌛

Sent by Happy Socks

Make the sale more exciting and playful 

You can create more exciting and fun promotional campaigns around Black Friday like what Gymshark did last year with their so-called “Treasure Hunt”. It is indeed a treasure to find up to 70% off your purchase instead of paying in full. They listed down the mechanics of the game in this email – which starts with visiting their website, with no page mentioned in particular. It’s a good way to promote other products they have. You might browse into something and discover not just the discount code but an item you’d be interested in. So whether it’s discounted or not, you might end up grabbing one for yourself. 

Black Friday Treasure Hunt 🔎

Sent by Gymshark

Still up? Let’s get moving with some more campaign ideas below.

Offer new product drops 

Product drops give customers a strong sense of anticipation. 

On top of the sitewide sale, Frankies Bikinis BF campaign last year showcased new stuff released every day for 5 consecutive days. These new products were offered at a 40% discount so customers would have an increased desire for possessing the items, being new and yet discounted already. And since there was an exclusive drop every day for 5 days, it drives customers to constantly check their website so they won’t miss out. Sitewide sale plus new drops every day – a good combination!


Sent by Frankies Bikinis

Conduct a contest to reward loyal customers 

With the rise of social media, the use of contests has also become popular. There is no limit to the creativity that you can integrate into these contests. As long as it can boost brand awareness and can help you reach potential customers, you can give it a try.

You’ll see in the email example below that Blush Mark conducted a contest in line with their Black Friday campaign. The banner text “Select our Brand Tagline” connotes a strong sense of loyalty to customers as they were given the power to choose the best tagline that represents Blush Mark. It promotes brand loyalty and is a good way to generate leads because the winners will need to register an account with them. It also capitalizes on the customers’ desire for free stuff, in this case, $50 credit or if they’re luckier, they can get their orders for free. 


Sent by Blush Mark

Donate part of your sales to charity

A lot of brands nowadays donate part of their sales to charity. You too can consider offering charity donations instead of discounting items this Black Friday. This can touch upon the personal values of your customers and build stronger brand credibility. Here’s an example from the brand Finisterre where it clearly mentioned swapping discounts for donations

Turning Black Friday Blue

Sent by Finisterre

Create FAQs dedicated to the event

Here’s a sweet marketing move from the brand Gymshark where they created a special FAQ page to address all the questions their customers might have during the Black Friday deals. 

FAQs provide convenience to buyers because they feel guided. Any hesitation is answered right away. It pushes them one step closer to actually purchasing your items.

Black Friday Qs

Sent by Gymshark

Ready to achieve record sales this coming Black Friday? We bet you will.