Summer Ads Marketing Ideas you can try

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Mehdi Boufous
Summer Ads Marketing Ideas you can try

In our past blog about Summer email marketing, we mentioned some of the ideas you can create for summer vacation-related content. We’re still in the Summer mood so let’s continue…

Summer package deals

One way to create a buzz with your summer sale is to offer up some deals to go with the season - a bundle deal just like what Vacation does on one of their Facebook ads. It’s always a smart choice to bundle items. It enables you to group complementary products together and market them as a single product. Plus, it offers convenience to customers who wouldn’t want to take much time to search for different items that they need to complete their travel bag.

Vacation is a skincare brand that specializes in sunscreen products used during leisure time.

A bundle deal can also come as a surprise box just like what the personal care brand FabFitFun does on their Mystery summer box.

End-of-summer clearance sales

What can you do to maximize profits during these final days of summer? For some, when the season is ending they think that it’s the end of the rope, meaning the heightened excitement is all gone. While others think the opposite way - it’s an opportunity to push some more.

Take this Facebook ad from Parade for example. Here, they spruce up a bit their content (like adding icons and color) in a way that appears to people that are “still” in a holiday mood…as if saying holiday please don’t go yet.

Parade is a fashion brand that offers seamless underwear made from recycled fabric & eco-friendly packaging.

City Chic lets you say bye to summer with savings too. City Chic is a fashion brand offering plus-size clothing for women including lingerie, jeans, tops, and pants.

How to make the most of your vacation days 

Time is most precious when our vacation days are scarce. Yeah, we can’t do anything about that, but we can do something about making the most of every minute of our travel. Take a look at this ad from Omni Hotels & Resorts. Omni offers luxury hotels and resorts throughout North America.

It’s hard to not notice the choice of enticing words “endless ways, play more, longer, save-up”. They’re totally the opposite of cramming during vacation. You can see here that they offer ways to make the customer's stay more enjoyable plus the fact that they can save up more when they do.

The ultimate packing list for a summer vacation

For a hassle-free vacation, you’ll need to pack all your travel essentials from basics to extras. Your luggage should be versatile and lightweight but still a complete bag…the goal here is to relieve stress, not to add to it. Most fashion brands take this thing seriously to help their customers pack things the way they want and exactly how they need them.

Check this ad from M.M. Lafleur for an instance. Summer packing is stressful as you want your clothes to still look presentable despite having to pack them all in a bag or two. So they present something to relieve your worry - like a wrinkle-resistant suits collection.

M.M. Lafleur is a fashion brand that offers wardrobe solutions for professional women. It creates luxury apparel and accessories with the same attention to detail as high-end fashion houses.

And for your skin essentials, here’s how Freshly Cosmetics offers their packed products to suit your summer skincare needs. 

Discount on summer travel

As early as spring, people are already searching for cheap travel deals, family vacation ideas, and the coolest travel destinations. The competition becomes higher this year as the world re-opens therefore travel locations are now available. People feel freer now than in the past 2 years during the rise of the pandemic.

Make sure your ad clearly tells people that you have what they want or need for their trip. That could mean tailoring your message to people who need affordable deals. Put your best foot forward when it comes to winning your audiences’ hearts and wallets during this highly-competitive season of sales, deals, and offers.

Here’s an example from Eurocamp. It is a British holiday company that provides pre-sited outdoor holidays in Europe to holidaymakers.

They target people who are searching for the biggest discounts they can get for their travel. So the 50% off plus refund guarantee is being emphasized in this ad. If you can make an exceptional way to make a better deal like this, that would attract more customers into actually accepting your offer.

Here’s another one with the same huge discount offer from Beginning Boutique. It is an Australian go-to online store for the latest trends in women’s fashion.

Our takeaways? Maximize…maximize…maximize

  1. Maximize the products you can offer in a bundle deal
  2. Maximize your profits to push some more sales while the season is ending
  3. Maximize your offers and think of your customers’ limited length of vacation
  4. Maximize the way you can help customers relieve stress
  5. Maximize the discount you can provide to get ahead of the competition