Summer Email Marketing Ideas And Templates Ready To Use!

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Mehdi Boufous
Summer Email Marketing Ideas And Templates Ready To Use!

This is a time when people are generally more relaxed and have more free time, so they're more likely to be interested in reading about travel-related topics and taking advantage of deals and discounts. 

There are plenty of hot deals to enjoy over the hottest months of the year. Some marketers mark the Summer season by giving away freebies, big sales and discount offers. Some love to show off their products that best suit the weather. While some of them give cool ideas to make the most of the sun.

If you’re looking for email marketing ideas for the Summer season or even if you just love summer like we do, feel free to read on…

1. Freebies aside from “ice cream”!

Subject line: Surprise! Get a free Parade Beach towel—inside 👀

Sent by Parade

To a lot of people, summer means going to the beach. That’s how they make the most
of fun and enjoyment while the season lasts. 

Parade is an apparel brand that offers seamless underwear and bralettes. They put forward an essential item that you wouldn’t want to forget to bring with you to the beach while enjoying the summer.

Subject line: The End of Summer Special is here

Sent by: Italic 

Italic is a luxury brand that offers a wide range of apparel, jewelry, home, and beauty essentials.

It includes one of top pick accessories during their season-ender sale…sunglasses, and you get to choose any pair for free.

2. Outdoor is waving this summer

Subject line: Hello outdoor oasis | How to make the most of summer

Sent by Made

You can practically think of anything to do this summer, whether you’re going for a travel vacation or just staying at home. A lot of people would love to spend quality time with the family even at the comfort of their home.

Made is a brand that offers a range of design furniture and homeware. In this email they listed down some fun summer ideas like staying in the garden, playing in the backyard, and sharing cold drinks. Along with these, they presented their outdoor furniture to complete the venue. 

Subject line: Up to 50% Off Skates & Scooters

Sent by: Decathlon

Decathlon offers affordable sportswear, shoes & gear for over 70 sports. They encourage people to stay fit and active this summer. They present different outdoor activities you can enjoy while taking advantage of their summer deals that come with each sports.

3. Summer problem? Show you’ve got solution

Subject line: Summertime 👍 Bacne 👎

Sent by Versed

Let’s admit summer is not all fun. Just like any other season of the year, it posts a few problems too - like skin dryness, irritation, and don’t forget acne breakouts. These skin concerns can really get in the way.  

Here, the skincare brand Versed wanted to tackle this issue with ways on how to treat body acne using one of their products.

Subject line: Summer isn’t over yet! ☀️🌴

Sent by Sienna Naturals

They won’t call it “summer essentials” for nothing. Aside from the skin, hair and scalp are problem areas too when you’re out in the sun. It’s a great way for Sienna Naturals, a vegan hair care line, to show off their products at this very season when damaged sites need more attention than ever. 

Plus, if you can provide helpful tips or advice about planning a summer vacation, you'll be even more likely to engage your audience and build brand loyalty. 

Here are some ideas for summer vacation-related content

  • Travel tips and tricks 
  • Destinations for every type of traveler 
  • How to make the most of your vacation days 
  • The best summer travel deals 
  • The ultimate packing list for a summer vacation 
  • How to beat the summer travel crowds 
  • The best (and worst) times to travel during the summer 
  • Back-to-school sales 
  • Fourth of July sales 
  • Labor Day sales 
  • End-of-summer clearance sales
  • Vacation package deals 
  • Discounts on summer travel

What email marketing subject lines perform best in summer? 

Some of the best performing email marketing subject lines during the summer months include: 

  • "Sizzling Summer Savings!" 
  • "Don't Miss Our End-of-Summer Sale!" 
  • "Get Ready for Back-to-School with These Great Deals!"
  • "Plan Your Perfect Summer Vacation with These Deals!" 
  • "We're Making Room for Fall, so Save Big on Summer Items!"

Here are some ideas for summer marketing campaigns for DTC brands: 

If you're struggling to come up with new ideas for digital marketing campaigns, try brainstorming with your team or looking for inspiration from other brands.

Here are a few ones to get you started:

  • Introduce new products with a summer-themed campaign 
  • Offer discounts and deals on your products and services 
  • Host a summer-themed contest or giveaway
  • Sponsor a summer event or festival 
  • Give away summer-themed swag at trade shows and conventions

Here are some tips for scheduling your summer marketing campaigns: 

  • Plan your campaigns in advance so you can take advantage of early bird discounts and avoid the last-minute rush. 
  • Consider running multiple campaigns throughout the summer to keep your brand top-of-mind. 
  • Take advantage of summer-themed events and holidays to promote your brand. 
  • Use social media to reach a wider audience and create buzz around your campaigns.

Summer is a great time to create content around vacations and travel.