Welcome Flow Email examples and best practices for Jewelry Industry

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Mehdi Boufous
Welcome Flow Email examples and best practices for Jewelry Industry

Hey! We are still on our journey to unlocking the jewelry industry's best practices. Moving forward, here are some welcome flow email inspiration for your newsletter. Let us analyze how they are structured as we show you some great examples from brands we love.

We all know the classic saying “First impressions last”. And we take it seriously, that’s why we’ve got some email examples to see how the brands create a welcoming vibe to their email subscribers during the first few encounters. 

All thanks to our benchmarking eCommerce software Panoramata, we are able to deliver several brands' email samples you can look at. Check them out below.

  1. Be generous right from the first time
  2. Share clever gifting ideas 
  3. Reiterate brand mission statement
  4. Guide the customers to purchase with confidence
  5. Get to know your audience so you can personalize their inbox
  6. Offer customer service to address queries  
  7. Incorporate topics of great interest to the audience
  8. Target an emotion that affects buying decision

Be generous right from the first time

Patrick Adair Designs

The brand’s welcome emails generally focused on giving free gifts and a discount to first-time customers. As a customer, you’ll have not one but two options of free gifts to choose from when you meet the minimum required purchase. Check out these first 2 emails:

1st Email: Welcome!

2nd Email: Maybe a discount instead? It's your choice

This third email addresses any issue the customer might have with their budget. So if their currently low on cash, they won’t have to worry because the “buy now pay later” option is mentioned early on. Just the perfect timing to offer other payment options. 

3rd Email: Did you know we offer interest free financing through Klarna?

Of course, if you’re offering something to our audience, you don’t want them to just miss it. You also don’t want to lose this opportunity to make sales. So here they sent out two follow-up emails. Who knows this time, the customers might have thought it over, or simply have ample time to select a product and proceed with checking out. 

4th Email: This is it

5th Email: Only Hours Left

Share clever gifting ideas


What we love about this 3-email sequence from Pandora is that they give a perfect suggestion to customers when creating their wish list. Look at how the second email is structured - an interesting subject line What's on your wish list? then a walkthrough of the portion of their website to guide them through creating a favorites list. On the third step, they give a cute little suggestion to send this faves list to anyone as a hint. Who knows they might get the same exact gift from their loved ones because they already got a clue.

As a marketer, you can be targeting two audiences at the same time – one is your actual email subscriber, and the other one is the person being shared with the wish list.

1st Email: Welcome to Pandora ❤

2nd Email: What's on your wish list?

The third email is still focused on gifting. Here, they encouraged their audiences to take a short quiz to help search for the perfect give to significant others or just for themselves as a form of self-love. They also introduced a bracelet builder to aid in customizing bracelets.

3rd Email: The perfect gift every time

Reiterate brand mission statement


Gemist focuses their welcome email journey on its brand mission statement. A brand mission statement clearly communicates a brand's purpose, objectives and how it plans to serve its audience. It gives readers an idea of what your business does and what impact it wants to make. 

With their 3 emails, Gemist gives emphasis on the power vested upon their customers in creating their own custom design so they can come up with their very own personalized jewelry.  

The first email goes by introducing the brand and how they’re different from others in the market. As you read on, you’ll see a 3-step process on how it works (from designing a ring to trying it on).

1st Email: Welcome to Gemist Co.

The next email is a simple reiteration of what has been said in the previous one. Sometimes, you need to repeat what you’ve said in order to be remembered by your audiences.

2nd Email: Halo, It's Us.

Here’s a “thank you” email from the founder herself. In this, she shared how and why the brand was created. It’s another form of repetition of the brand identity. If the audience missed out on the first two emails, then they get another chance to communicate it to them through this third and last email on this email flow.

Even if you try to be repetitive to instill in your audience’s minds your brand identity, it won’t seem too irritating. Just get creative while communicating the same idea over and over, just use a different presentation. You can try twice, thrice, or even more on a single email journey with 2 or 3 days sending intervals at a minimum. The goal is for your brand to be remembered and eventually considered for purchase.

3rd Email: Thank you from Madeline 💍

Guiding the customers to purchase with confidence

Great Heights

Who wouldn’t want to shop with peace of mind and confidence? As a marketer, you got to pave the way to make your customers purchase your products confidently. It could mean giving complete and accurate information about your offer. It could mean giving them warranties. Most of the time, it means boasting about your brand and how you do business for the past years.

Let’s have a quick analysis of Great Heights’ welcome email journey.

First off - a simple thank you where they also mentioned their brand mission, followed by a CTA that redirects to the complete brand story. Another portion below is where they differentiated mined diamonds to their lab-grown ones. It isfollowed by another CTA to get you to their informative blog article about diamonds. Third and last portion - is a promise statement to ensure you get the help you need in finding the perfect ring.

1st Email: Welcome to Great Heights

The next email zeroed in on the characteristics and benefits of lab-created diamonds. The subject line Say "I Do" seems to be convincing the audience with their proposition.

2nd Email: Say "I Do" to ethically made diamonds

This next email vows to give its customers peace of mind by enumerating common buyer problems. Here they cover return policy, shipping and resizing, manufacturer's warranty, and having acquired a certification from an authoritative body. 

3rd Email: Reasons you can buy with confidence

Here’s another reason to shop with confidence. They give a guide in choosing a ring style so you can be sure what you pick is perfect. This is especially important to men who are usually the ones who buy engagement rings. 

4th Email: Say "I Do" to the right style

If the customer is still undecided about the ring style to choose, here’s another guide for them. It takes them one more step closer to correct purchase.

5th Email: What's your favorite diamond shape?

You can always brag about what your brand does best. And if you think you do a lot, you can brag even more. Here, they enumerated 5 points to make them the obvious choice for their audience. 

6th Email: The obvious choice…

Getting to know your audience so you can personalize their inbox

H. Samuel

The most important thing to consider when offering something is, of course, your audience. What they’re up to, their preferences, their hobbies, what they want to see and have…basically all about them. With this in mind, you can already come up with a great idea of what type of messages to send out so you can create a friendly environment for your audiences. Just like what H. Samuel does on their welcome journey.

We also noticed that in all 3 emails (from their welcome journey), each included a banner image of models wearing not just jewels but also wide smiles. It can be an excellent first impression. You’ll surely harvest the fruit of being warm and friendly.

1st Email: 🙋 Welcome to H.Samuel!

This email is a simple yet powerful way to engage your audience. It suggests updating their profile to get personalized emails from birthday treats to other exclusives. It’s followed by a high-contrast Call-to-Action (CTA) button that redirects to a page where they can change their email sending preferences. 

2nd Email: What are you into?

Then you can remind your customers about the welcome discount just like what H.Samuel did below.

3rd Email: Your 10% off is waiting

Offering customer service to address queries  


Here’s an example of a short but sweet welcome message from the founders of the brand HOLDEN Rings. 

1st Email: we can't HOLDEN our excitement

From founders (on the previous email) to customer service representative, you’ll feel warm support. This email offers communication channels like phone call and chat to one of their customer service personnel to answer any questions you may have at your most convenient time. It’s a great way to make your customers feel more valued, to give them exceptional experience, and lead them to a happy purchase.

2nd Email: Message from Meghan at HOLDEN

Incorporating topics of great interest to audience


Another thing we love from HOLDEN Rings’ welcome journey is how they incorporate common interesting topics to grab audience attention.

We know our zodiac sign but we might not know what ring represents our personality based on these zodiacs. So on this next email, you’ll see each zodiac sign associated with specific ring design. Audiences might get convinced to purchase their own ring design. Or, at least the email creates something to be agreed upon or argued with. Bottomline is, they are engaged with the topic.

3rd Email: the best ring for your zodiac sign ✨

Same goes here. We have different love languages. Since rings can be deeply associated with the feeling of love, they paired each love language with a ring. Plus this email is a way to promote their blog as the CTA redirects to their blog article.

5th Email: love is all you need💖

Targeting an emotion that affects buying decision


Kimai’s email journey focused more on eliminating the feeling of guilt. In view of the growing issues concerning the environment, everyone would like to shop guilt-free and this feeling can affect their buying decision. These four welcome emails from Kimai immediately solve one huge factor - which is the buyer’s emotion. You’ll notice the topic right away from each subject line. There is already a bit of emotion that opposes something particular.

1st Email: Welcome to the new era of jewelry

2nd Email: Jewelry that doesn’t cost the earth

3rd Email: Jewelry made by hand

4th Email: Jewelry is no longer a guilty pleasure

How’s your welcome flow email? We bet you are now able to assess the copies you send - to improve, to add a bit, and to think more creatively about your offers. 

If you don't leverage first impressions correctly, your customers might get the wrong idea in their heads. Or, they won’t even remember subscribing to your email list. You’ll get behind your competitors, that’s alarming!

Remember, the jewelry industry is such a crowded market but really promising. We wish you the best of luck. Hope to see you again in our succeeding posts.