Email marketing best practices for Jewelry industry

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Mehdi Boufous
Email marketing best practices for Jewelry industry

Nowadays, there is a rising trend in the consumption of jewelry as more people are inclined toward luxurious products, making the jewelry industry one of the fastest-growing divisions in the luxury sector.

Like how people value their pieces of jewelry (old and new), we have also witnessed how valuable email campaigns are in marketing these precious ornaments. 

Today’s post shares some of the email marketing best practices we’ve seen in popular jewelry brands. So if you’re looking for inspiration to make your email campaigns sparkle like diamonds, simply scroll through and enjoy. See for yourself a lot more examples in Panoramata. It is a powerful tool that can help you build and rebuild your marketing moves from the ground up.

  1. Answer all curiosity out there.
  2. Tap into an established fanbase.
  3. Use fine photography…as fine as jewels.
  4. Let customers know about your ecological pledge.
  5. Use endorsers perfectly aligned with your products.

1. Answer all curiosity out there.

Subject line: Everything you need to know about pearls

Sent by Mejuri

People have personal preferences when it comes to wearing jewelry for reasons like personality,  fashion trends, affordability, etc. All have their favorite materials used - diamond, gold, silver, platinum, titanium, gemstones, glass, ceramic, and pearl. With this in mind, it can be somehow difficult to offer one type of jewelry to customers who might have other preferences. 

What we like about this email example from Mejuri is that it addresses all questions you might have about “pearls”. So whether you’re not a fan of pearls or you haven’t tried it (but would love to consider), all it takes is a bit of informational email. It also uses the convincing power of video where an interview was conducted with someone obsessed with pearls. 

2. Tap into an established fanbase.

What if you can wear your favorite jewelry and your favorite cartoon hero both at the same time? Sounds awesome, right? Seeing these 2 emails from Pandora will immediately grab your attention as it collaborates with famous cartoon characters. They are certainly the most popular entertainment for children, and for adults who were once children. It also gives the feeling of nostalgia. They are memorable, attractive, funny, and often drive specific emotions and feelings. 

On the marketing side, the inclusion of remarkable characters in your product design attracts customers so easily that they would love to grab one limited edition for themselves. It is usually an effective marketing strategy to sell your stuff because you already have an established fanbase going after these characters and now, going after your items too. 

Subject line: MARVEL X PANDORA just landed 💥 👊

Sent by Pandora

Subject line: Shop limited edition Star Wars™ x Pandora styles

Sent by Pandora

3. Use fine photography…as fine as jewels.

Jewelry is something that is made to be seen, that’s why it is important to use high-quality imagery in your email copies. When potential customers are scrolling through your email, wouldn’t they stop and spend some time if they spot nice, shiny jewelry? It can be the same situation when you open a physical store and place a glass wall where passersby can see your display.

In jewelry and any type of physical product, photography is a big factor in selling. The  customers will be able to see and imagine what your jewelry will look like when they wear it, and it will not be too far from reality when they receive their order. It can develop trust as well, leading to repeat purchases.

Photography comes as a close second choice if you can’t physically sell your product to your customer (just like any online store). Thanks to these up-close shots from the brand Gemist, you can already see how beautiful the rings are with your naked eyes. The format of the email is so simple - just a straight line to give the right amount of space for the big pictures of each stone. The colors green, yellow, champagne, and blue are all vibrant. The shine is enough to be noticed but still looks so natural with proper lighting – the photography they use here serves its purpose so well.

Subject line: Pick your stone 💎
Sent by Gemist

4. Let customers know about your ecological pledge

More and more companies are learning to be a responsible part of the ecology. They ensure that environmental factors are part of their decision-making process. 

Reducing the environmental impact of your business will improve the sustainability of your business. It will benefit your business as it helps improve your credibility, and stand out among competitors as more and more people become environmentally conscious. That’s a new audience segment for you. If you are less dependent on natural resources, then you have ways to deal with rising costs due to climate change, and your business will have a greater chance of long-term success.

April is Earth Month, and what better way to celebrate than by taking actions to reduce your environmental footprint? Kimai, a fine jewellery brand, took the whole month to show they care for the environment by sending out an email newsletter every week in a series they call “The Earth Month Series”. All of them are informational articles about their product, how they source them, and their positive impact on the planet and people. These email examples are not just a specific or seasonal campaign but also help build their brand identity. No wonder they consistently used the topic for the whole month. 

We’d love to dive in.

The first email goes with a short introduction of what to expect for the month, plus a topic about lab-grown diamonds as compared to mined ones.

The next email comes with another interesting topic about recycled gold. It includes a video clip showing an old piece being melted down and reshaped as part of the recycling process. 

The third email introduces their bracelet cords that are made from recycled plastics.

The fourth email talks about a holistic approach to recycling by using recycled packaging as well.

And finally, the last email talks about their product being made to order so there should be no excess waste along the process.

In essence, just like the examples above, you can divide your emails into a series to give more emphasis to the topics you want to instill in the mind of your audience. This way, your copies will be short, sweet, and not overloaded with information more than they can digest.

5. Use endorsers perfectly aligned with your products

People tend to recall jewelry ads with celebrities due to their elegance, classiness, and beauty. The celebrity endorser being attractive and beautiful will provide a perfect match-up with the promoted products. Customers often feel confident and beautiful when wearing celebrity-endorsed pieces of jewelry.

Marketers usually choose beautiful celebrities to appear in their ads and emails. And for a brand as popular as Tiffany & Co., this kind of strategy could contribute to its success. Here are 3 email examples for you. They are simple with not many creatives in terms of visuals and copywriting but the celebrities are so famous, it covers it all.

Subject line: (your name), Mrs. Bieber Has Something to Tell You

Sent by Tiffany & Co.

Subject line: Introducing 𝘉𝘖𝘛𝘈𝘕𝘐𝘊𝘈: Blue Book 2022
Sent by: Tiffany & Co.

The list of email marketing goes on and on. We’re here to give you updates should we see new trends from the brands we track on Panoramata. We will also cover topics related to other industries in the coming days so stay tuned.