Discount Code Email: 20 Ways to Send A Promotion to Your Audience

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Let's face it – getting noticed in your customers' overflowing inboxes is no easy feat. With everyone and their dog sending out promo emails, it's like trying to stand out in a crowded room. 

Those run-of-the-mill messages? 

They often end up in the dreaded delete pile faster than you can say "discount."

But fear not, savvy marketer! 

There's a secret weapon in your arsenal that can cut through the noise and grab your customers' attention…

Discount code emails!

The trouble is, not everyone knows how to wield this weapon effectively. When overused, discount emails run the risk of chewing away at your revenue and losing customers. 

Crafting discount emails that hit the mark takes more than just shooting in the dark. It's about understanding what makes your audience tick and tailoring your message accordingly.

That's where we come in.

In this blog post, we’ll show you great examples of discount code emails to send to your newsletter subscribers and why they work. 

We've got the lowdown on crafting discount code emails that pack a punch. From catchy subject lines that make your subscribers stop scrolling to irresistible offers they just can't refuse, we've got you covered. 

Crafting discount emails that hit the mark takes more than just shooting in the dark. It's about understanding what makes your audience tick and tailoring your message accordingly.

With these real-life examples we’ve curated through, you'll learn how to create discount emails that not only get opened but also drive sales and keep your customers coming back for more.

So, buckle up and get ready to level up your email game!

Craft the Perfect Discount Code Email

What is a discount offer email and why is it important in ecommerce?

20 Real-Life Examples of Discount Offer Emails

  1. Welcome discount - Nick’s Ice Creams 
  2. Abandoned cart discount - Graza
  3. Reengagement discount - Frankies Bikinis
  4. Product launch discount - Allplants
  5. Holiday discount - Javy Coffee
  6. Seasonal sale discount - Parade
  7. Clearance sale discount - Leaf Envy
  8. Back-to-school discount - Ugly Discount
  9. Birthday discount - Dazey
  10. VIP customer discount - Dermaflash
  11. Discount reminder - Grind
  12. Simple plain text discount email - Crossnet
  13. Referral discount - Black Wolf
  14. BOGO discount - Youth to the People
  15. Buy more save more discount - Burrow
  16. FOMO discount - Buffy
  17. Free gift discount - Aurate
  18. Limited-time secret discount - Hanx
  19. Mystery discount email - Cupshe
  20. Interactive discount - Heights

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do you write a discount offer in an email?
  • Is there a Risk of Losing Subscribers when Sending Discount Emails?

What is a discount offer email and why is it important in ecommerce?

A discount offer email is a promotional message sent to customers offering them a special discount or deal on products or services offered by an e-commerce business. 

These emails often contain a unique discount code or a link to access the discounted items directly on the website.

In e-commerce, discount offer emails play a crucial role in driving sales, increasing conversion rates, and fostering customer loyalty.

They provide customers with an incentive to purchase by offering them savings or added value, which can be particularly effective in attracting new customers or encouraging repeat purchases from existing ones.

By strategically leveraging discount offer emails, e-commerce businesses can effectively engage with their audience, stand out in a crowded marketplace, and ultimately boost their revenue. 

These emails allow businesses to promote specific products or categories, clear out excess inventory, or capitalize on seasonal trends, all while providing tangible benefits to their customers.

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20 Real-Life Examples of Discount Offer Emails

Here are some examples of discount offer emails from ecommerce brands that you can emulate and be inspired by, plus actionable tips to write emails that will wow your subscribers.

Welcome discount - Nick’s Ice Creams 

A new sign-up is an opportune time to offer a discount. This gesture makes subscribers feel welcome and sets the tone for your (hopefully, long) relationship going forward. 

Nick’s Ice Creams knows this well. In the email below, they feature a big photo of their keto bars. And if that doesn’t entice the subscriber, the limited-time discount code they give just might get them to add to cart

Abandoned cart discount - Graza

Another goldmine of opportunity to get your subscribers to convert is through a perfectly-timed discount email after they add items to their cart without checking out

You already know they’re interested in your products so cast away any hesitation with an ample discount and they’ll come running back. 

This abandoned cart email from Graza serves a dual purpose: it reminds the shopper of their abandoned cart while offering a discount for a bundle of their olive oils. 

There’s also a witty headline (“Life’s too short to cook with bad olive oil”) and a money-back guarantee at the bottom.  It’s an email that covers all the bases.

Reengagement discount - Frankies Bikinis

A good “We missed you” email can be beefed up with a generous discount. It reminds subscribers of your brand, lets them know you care, and is a good excuse for a discount promotion. 

Frankies Bikinis’ discount email informs the subscriber that they have 15 percent off everything because “it’s been a while” since they last heard from them. The cool GIF of swimwear picks adds interest, as does the grid of pictures of their bestselling pieces. 

Product launch discount - Allplants

A product launch is an excellent avenue for a discount offer and you don’t even need a brand new product to blast off this kind of email. 

Take a look at how Allplants does this with their email about their new and improved mushroom risotto. 

It’s not a new launch but it’s attention-grabbing nonetheless. It makes people curious about what’s new about the product and if it lives up to the hype. Couple that with a discount code and they’ll order from you in no time.

Holiday discount - Javy Coffee

For holiday email inspo, look no further than Javy Coffee. 

Since everyone is in a gift-giving mood, the brand riffs off on the holiday with the amusing subject line “Forgot a gift for someone this year - we got you!” They’re encouraging their subscriber to treat themselves post-holiday with this simple email. 

The CTA button says “Sip and Save” while below the fold, they include the benefits and value they give. Their discount code is also prominently placed in the email body so you can’t miss it!

Seasonal sale discount - Parade

A season-appropriate discount code is a great way to drum up interest in your products

Here, Parade spotlights their mesh spring underwear perfect for warm weather through a SPRING40 code. 

Below the headline, they show photos of the undies and mention that the products are sustainably made. There are several CTA buttons with a unique copy for each. 

What catches attention though is the 40 percent off sticker on top of the Shop Now button. It’s very generous, as discounts go, and highlighting it visually is a great move.  

Clearance sale discount - Leaf Envy

Leaf Envy hits all the right marks in this discount email about their clearance sale

This type of sale already feels urgent because they’re discontinuing the products mentioned but they take it further by adding the reason for cutting out the products. 

They also include “Limited quantities, while stock lasts.” to make it feel more immediate. 

Lastly, as a final touch, they offer free shipping once a customer meets the minimum amount. These tactics create urgency and ease hesitations effectively. 

Back-to-school discount - Ugly Drinks

A new school year signals a fresh beginning for students and should not be left out of your email marketing calendar. Whip out a discount in time for the back-to-school season, as Ugly Drinks does here. 

Their copy is relevant (How to Earn All A’s in Hydration This School Year) and easy to read. 

They also get right to the point. Remember, you need to be quick with your offer because your subscribers’ attention can be short. So make it short and make it relevant to your subscribers. 

Birthday discount - Dazey

Studies show that brands who use personalization in their marketing have more sales than those who don’t. A birthday email is a great way to inject personalization into your newsletter. 

How can you do this for ecommerce?

Treat them to a discount on their birthday! Sending this type of discount email makes subscribers feel special, leading them to connect to your brand more deeply. 

It’s also a good time to bring up a discount because birthday celebrants are more likely to spend on themselves on this special occasion

Below, Dazey’s email starts with a funny GIF and uses the headline “It’s your day. Treat yourself”

They greet the recipient and give the discount code before ending with a Shop Now CTA. 

And that’s it! Pretty simple, right?

VIP customer discount - Dermaflash

Give subscribers the VIP treatment with a VIP customer discount email. 

Emails aimed at VIPs should be part of your regular email rotation because they present an ample opportunity for conversions. 

VIPs spend more on your brand and purchase repeatedly–a discount code is a way to give thanks and incentivize more sales. 

Dermaflash gives VIP customers both early access and 20 percent off their order, PLUS free shipping

Their email preheader makes VIPs feel special (“Be the first to shop”). The discount code is shown in bold red so it’s easy to find and the brand also includes suggested items below the fold to entice them to click through. 

Discount reminder - Grind

Subscribers won’t take up your offer right away so you must remind them of the discount you’re giving

A countdown email does this but adds a layer of urgency that’s necessary for discount code emails. 

This email from Grind says “24 Hours remaining!”  and inside, they’re telling subscribers not to forget about the discount. They also mention the discount code again and how much the discount is before placing a CTA button. 

They also subtly reinforce their value proposition at the bottom by presenting benefits alongside small icons, which are visually appealing and easily scannable.

Simple plain text discount email - Crossnet

Don’t be afraid of the plain text email. When used correctly, it increases the chances of a sale. 

For pointers, look to Crossnet who sends out a discount email with the subject line
“Personally thanking you, [name]” which feels intimate. 

The message comes from the founder and is composed of just 5 sentences so it doesn’t take up too much of the reader’s time. 

It starts by saying how much they appreciate their customers before going on to introduce their new product and the accompanying discount code (underlined and marked in bold). They also mention that the code expires “tomorrow at midnight” which encourages quick action. 

When sending plain text emails, make sure they feel authentic and emphasize the discount code, as Crossnet does.  

Referral discount - Black Wolf

Black Wolf introduces their referral rewards program with this email below. 

The subject line says “Want to get rewarded? 🤑”. Inside, they share their appreciation for their customers and explain what they’ll get when they refer the brand to a friend

Below, the “How It Works” section gives clear instructions along with the referent’s unique discount code. 

The email also works because it is visually on-brand with its sleek black minimalist layout. Subscribers will recognize the sender at a glance and appreciate the brevity of the contents.

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BOGO discount - Youth to the People

This Youth to the People email also proves that taking the shorter route with discount emails works

The buy-one-get-one (BOGO) discount is mentioned in the subject line, enticing readers to click. 

Once they open the email, they’re greeted with photos of the discounted product bundle with short copy about their benefits. 

They also include additional photos below the CTA button of models using their products, which enhances the design and makes the email more persuasive.

Lastly, below the pictures, they don’t forget to mention their brand’s mission, story, and main promise. This makes subscribers interested not just in the discount but in the product and company itself, which is great for nurturing customer loyalty. 

Buy more save more discount - Burrow

For shoppers, the more they save, the better, which explains the allure of buy-more-save-more discount offers. 

Burrow’s discount email is a great addition to any swipe file because it succinctly shows how this type of discount works and hypes up the discount and the products they offer. 

This email is part of their Black Friday promotions. Their CTA “Shop Deepest Discounts” is unique but not the only CTA in the email. 

They present several opportunities for the reader to visit their website and browse through their products. They also emphasize free shipping, which is always a welcome incentive. 

Though the email is significantly longer than the other emails previously discussed, it isn’t a slog to read through because it’s filled with gorgeous photos of their furniture.

FOMO discount - Buffy

Tap into the fear of missing out (FOMO) by creating an email emphasizing a limited-time offer as Buffy does with this email. 

The subject line is urgent (LAST CHANCE: Deepest Discount of the Season) and inside, the 25 percent off discount is prominently displayed. 

They incite FOMO with the line “But hurry, this code is only good for 1 week!”, which is marked in a bold red font. The use of the color red is strategic here. All original prices (before the markdown) are written in red with a strikethrough. 

The email features four products with a short yet persuasive description for each and just one CTA, down below. Buffy’s email creates FOMO while highlighting their products’ quality and relevance to the fall season.

Free item discount - Aurate

Sometimes, a discount with a gift for each purchase is more impactful than just giving a discount alone

Aurate’s email is sent out before the anniversary of their best product, offering a gift worth $300 for orders over $300. The subject line conveys the offer briefly (“$220+ on us (!)”). 

The 24-hour notice also provokes interest and urgency. For a boost of social proof, Aurate also includes a five-star review alongside a huge product photo and a list of magazines they were “featured in”

The headline “This ring is on us” and the CTA “Grab my free gift” are both compelling ways to get the prospective customer to click and explore their website.

Limited-time secret discount - Hanx

A limited-time offer is good but adding a layer of secrecy makes the discount even more exciting

Try creating an email about a limited-time “secret” discount code that’s available for as short as 24 hours to stir action. Framing a discount code as something that should be hush-hush makes it feel exclusive

Hanx’s secret discount email doesn’t rely on just the discount to persuade the reader

They include social proof in the form of a Trustpilot rating and review snippets, plus a link to read more testimonials. 

They make the discount code easy to remember, too, and present separate CTAs for product categories to make browsing super easy. 

Mystery discount email - Cupshe

Cupshe sends out this fascinating email about their mystery discount ahead of their Super Bowl sale (which is up to 85 percent off). 

The GIF they include adds playfulness to the mystery discount and below, they create anticipation by presenting categorized photos of their swimwear with CTA buttons for direct access to each category.  

They also know how to induce FOMO by dedicating a portion of the email to a “back by popular demand section” which they mention is only for a limited time. 

Aside from this, they push subscribers to sign up for their SMS updates by giving a discount when they join and submit their phone number. This is a clever move so take notes! 

Interactive discount - Heights

The gamified discount email is still an uncommon way to inform subscribers of a discount but it can be quite amusing when done right.

How can you make a discount code email more interactive? Heights is a good example. 

They start with a subject line that poses the question “Can you solve the discount? 🕵️”. Questions are awesome for increasing email opens so they’re off to a good start.

Inside, they have a crossword puzzle which, when solved, unlocks the discount code

They also use product photos as a background to the puzzle, which ties it all together. The simple CTA is well-located, just below the answer box. 

What really stands out is the copy, from the headline to the email preheader. It shows that the brand is willing to have fun and take risks with its emails while giving value to its subscribers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you write a discount offer in an email?

When crafting discount emails, make sure to keep things clear by outlining the terms, throw in a catchy subject line, and give a quick intro to the offer

Sprinkle in some persuasive words to amp up the value and create a bit of urgency to get them moving. 

And don't forget a clear call-to-action to guide them on how to snag that discount.

Is there a risk of losing subscribers when sending discount emails?

Yes, there is a risk of losing subscribers when discount email campaigns are poorly handled. For example, if you’re spammy with your emails or send irrelevant messages, subscribers can feel like they’re just another sale waiting to happen. 

Excessive discounts also aren’t a good look for an ecommerce brand because they devalue it and make it seem like the products on offer aren’t of high quality. 

When sending discount emails, you should aim to nurture the relationship with your audience and understand their pain points, wants, and behavior. No one likes spam.

Find more discount email examples

To wrap things up, mastering discount code emails and sending out promotions effectively is essential for e-commerce brands and marketing professionals. 

With the tips and examples provided, you'll be able to capture your audience's attention, boost engagement, and increase sales. 

Stay genuine, keep your messaging clear, and continuously refine your strategies for optimal performance. 

Here's to creating irresistible offers that resonate with your audience and propel your brand forward!

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"Incredible benchmarks"
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"It's been a lifesaver"
"Just filled my todo with
awesome ideas
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"I know
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"Saves me hours!"
"It's incredible
how much things I learned
on competitors"
"I can see it had been built for me"
"It's so easy to
find the perfect example
"I feel so much better"