How to Find My Competitor Emails and Ads?

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Mehdi Boufous
How to Find My Competitor Emails and Ads?

If you ever wondered “How to Find My Competitor Emails and Ads”, you are on the right hunt. 

The fastest way to beat your competition -- as far as eCommerce marketing goes -- is to learn how to track and learn from your competitors. The good news is that there’s a wealth of information available for you if you have the right sources. 

Here’s how to find competitor emails, ads, and much more and what you need to do with this information:  

  1. Who Do You Track?
  2. ‍Get an Edge. Track your competitors
  3. Set up alerts & Track Snapshots For time-sensitive periods
  4. Track strategic marketing shifts

Who Do You Track? [Competitors or Not] 

It’s important to whittle down the noise to get exactly what you want from competitor tracking. Before you learn how to find competitor emails and ads, it makes sense to zero down on the exact set of companies or brands you want to track (and zone in on why you follow these brands)

  • Some large eCommerce businesses such as Nike, Pepsi, Lyft, and others can provide you with overall inspiration for organic content strategy, email marketing automation, and advertising (including display ads). 
  • Specific competitors might be excellent at “making people return to the shop” with effective automated retargeting ads and retargeting email campaigns. 
  • A few of your competitors might be spending more on ads and much less on email marketing. Or, it could be the other way around. Either way, these are lessons you won’t find if you don’t track your competition. 

This is when it’s a no-brainer to use effective tools such as Panoramata to help you create specific themed lists or tagged smart lists. 

Each list gives you a definite reason as to why you track, follow, and learn from certain brands (with the big “why” included). 

Get an Edge. Track your competitors 

Competitor tracking -- also called competitor research or competitor analysis -- is a detailed study of what your competitors are doing. 

When it comes to eCommerce marketing, how your competitor brands are perceived by customers, how they sell, and how they position products in the marketplace directly affect your own marketing. 

Tracking competition -- and learning from them -- helps you have an edge over them. Making competitor tracking a part of your overall marketing strategy pays off in the long run, helps you get creative ideas without trying too hard, and allows you to find angles you might have missed. 

Set up alerts & Track Snapshots for time-sensitive periods 

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays are all big days for eCommerce brands. 

On top of these, there could be several reasons why any of your competitors can deploy changes to their email marketing campaigns, marketing journeys, sales funnels, and ads. 

They might make changes to their landing pages, websites, and more. 

Almost instantly, you can get a feel for these changes. Set up alerts as to when these changes happen. Make use of our helpful “Snapshots” feature to quickly visualize the changes made by any brand that you follow. 

Track strategic marketing shifts

Learning and getting a sneak peek into what -- and how -- your competing eCommerce brands are doing during these crucial periods is essential for you to benchmark your own branding, marketing efforts, and more. 

  • When exactly do your competing brands start campaigns before the holiday season begins? 
  • When there’s no seasonal push (or when it’s not the season), what kind of email campaigns and ads are rolled out? 
  • How are holiday-specific campaigns different from regular marketing campaigns? 
  • Are the ads and email campaigns treated differently -- with new offers, angles, or ideas -- compared to regular campaigns? 
  • What are the primary traffic sources for ad campaigns that your competition uses? What email services does your competition use?  

Apart from learning overall marketing from your competitors, you can do more: track your competitors' websites for changes (if any). 

Keep a tab on any major strategic shifts, marketing changes, ad campaign reversals, new campaigns rolled out, new angles for old campaigns, and more. 

Track more brands than you can keep up with by using Panoramata. Get your finger on the pulse, stay alert, and always be in the know as to actual email marketing campaigns being sent, subject lines used, ads rolled out, landing pages created, and any changes to websites. 

Plus create marketing inspiration lists, “follow and learn” lists, and “Competitor smarts” lists -- by yourself or with your entire marketing team.