Veterans Day marketing campaign examples to inspire your next move

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Mehdi Boufous
Veterans Day marketing campaign examples to inspire your next move

This coming November, there will be a lot of big marketing events that both consumers and marketers will definitely love and be excited about. Most consumers await interesting deals. They’ll be checking email and SMS promotions. They’ll be comparing discounts, gifts, loyalty programs, and whatever marketing sales you have in store for them. Of course, the competition is stiff. As a business owner, are you well-prepared for this? Have you created your marketing calendar? If not yet, no worries at all. You can check out important guides here.

Speaking of November, there’s another event to celebrate this coming 11th aside from Single’s Day, which is Veterans Day. Veterans Day is observed annually on November 11. It's a holiday honoring men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces, on the anniversary of the end of World War I. For the people of the United States, it is a very important holiday. It reminds them that the freedom they enjoy today is achieved through the heroism of the war veterans.

As a brand, how would you celebrate Veterans Day this year? Whether you are looking for some campaign inspirations or just comparing your deals with other brands in the same/other industries, you can always count on Panoramata for your benchmarking needs. 

We listed below the best email campaigns from last year’s Veterans Day so you can find what you need:

  1. A simple thank you and greetings to show that you care
  2. Tap a specific audience in relation to the event
  3. Help give back to a target community
  4. Not just a one-time sale but a lifetime discount
  5. Feature someone’s story and connect it directly to your product

A simple thank you and greetings to show that you care

Regardless of the industry your brand belongs to, you can always start (and end) your email campaign with simple greetings and sweet expression of thanks. It shows your participation and care for an important day. Sometimes, all it takes is a  big catchy banner, a personalized note, and of course a sincere message. You can check out the example emails below for inspiration on how your banner image and text should look.

Honoring all who served. 

Sent by Judy

Thank you to our Veterans

Sent by Coconut Cartel

Happy Veterans Day!

Sent by Body Restore

Tap a specific audience in relation to the event

In the following email examples, the brands Soylent, Supply, and Rind created a campaign strategy where they offer a sale specifically for a targeted audience, in this case, the veterans and all active duty service personnel. Since the event is all about commemorating veterans and army men, this campaign is a way to show appreciation to them. Be generous to them on this special day by giving discounts especially made for them. Why not?

All Veterans and Active Duty Military Save 15% on Soylent!

Sent by Soylent

Thank You to All Active Duty Military!

Sent by Supply

Celebrate the brave 🇺🇸 🍉

Sent by RIND Snacks

Help give back to a target community

One of the most popular ways of showing support to veterans is by way of donation. Many brands partner with nonprofit organizations and other related agencies and groups whose funds go directly to fulfill the mission of uplifting the lives of veterans. 

You can do your share too as a marketer. You can find a partner organization and create a similar campaign that involves your customers. Part of the profit will go to your chosen organization with the help of their purchase. It is a sort of collective effort by your customers and your brand. 

The challenge is how to present your offer in such a way that wins customers’ trust. You can check out the examples below. Take note of how they present the discount, how many percentages of proceeds will benefit the target community, what is their partner community/organization and what it advocates for. For a more informative and complete email copy, you can place CTAs that redirect to a landing page where the customers can learn more about the organization. This will give them added information that will lead them to trust your purpose.

Thanks To The Brave ❤️🤍💙

Sent by Neuro

Help us give back to the military community this Veterans Day

Sent by Amp Human

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Sent by Hello Ned

Not just a one-time sale but a lifetime discount

On this coming Veterans Day, your company can go beyond just one-time big sale. See below examples of campaigns from Geologie and RSVLTS. Here, they announced a lifetime discount for all active-duty and veteran members. It’s also a way to encourage buyers all year round so you have an ongoing sale for the entire year. Who would not want a discounted price forever? You can try it with your own brand (at least for selected products) and see how well it goes.

🎖️ To the Vets — Thank You!

Sent by Geologie

Veterans and Military Folks Save 25%

Sent by RSVLTS

Feature someone’s story and connect it directly to your product

This email example from Fatty15 is pretty interesting. They featured a short story and personal statements from a military (who happens to be their Co-Founder). He stated some of his life experiences and how he dealt with a lot of challenges including anxiety and sleep disturbances due to being deployed in the service. Being a health and wellness brand, they were able to show the positive effects of their product in dealing with the mentioned health issues. You can find a lot of correlations between your product and the holiday/event like this, without being pushy.

Happy Veterans Day

Sent by Fatty15