Lunar New Year holiday email marketing

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Mehdi Boufous
Lunar New Year holiday email marketing

When it comes to widening your audience base, it’s always great to look at diversity of culture. As such, Western New Year and Lunar New Year are both celebrated around the world to express one’s culture and heritage. This means twice the opportunity for your marketing campaign to reach different customers depending on what calendar they observe for this important festival.

For Chinese, in China and in ethnic communities around the world, the Lunar New Year is the most important and most festive holiday of the year. And for most Asian cultures, it is an occasion to celebrate the harvest and worship the gods and ask for good harvests in times to come.

The lunar calendar is based on the cycles of the moon, so the dates of the holiday vary slightly from year to year, beginning sometime between January to mid-February. For this year, it was celebrated last February 1st. 

We’ll take you to several email promotions:

1. Limited edition themed packaging

Subject line: What’s gold and red? 🐯❤️ Our Lunar New Year exclusives.

Sent by Clinique

Clinique, a popular personal care brand, put more effort this year to celebrate color and theme for the new year. Red for good fortune and happiness together with gold for wealth are the auspicious colors of the new year, thus they created a limited edition packaging for some of their items. You’ll get hooked with this look and feel of new year exclusives - year of the Tiger indeed!

2. Organize the giveaway

Subject line: Last Chance to Enter the Lunar New Year Giveaway 🏮

Seny by Elemis

In this promo for Lunar New Year, Elemis excites us with the use of the famous “red envelope”. Shoppers will surely find they’re lucky if they win the $200 gift card. Can we just say that this well-known beauty brand is feeling even more generous? That’s why they’re giving away gifts – 6 pieces free items with minimum spend.

3. Celebrate with a purpose


Sent by Aurate

This email from Aurate might come with a simple subject line and greeting. Same is true with its email body saying “Get gold and give back”. But the purpose that comes with it is simply irresistible. They encourage you to celebrate with a clear mission – to donate to charity as well. So it’s not just buying gold but making gold deeds too.

4. Link your products to the celebration

Subject line: A Lunar New Year menu made for the microwave

Sent by Anyday

As they say, there’s no celebration without food! This cookware brand makes sure to feature a list of Asian food recipes in perfect timing for the occasion. They're using this holiday as a way to put forward their products and their main proposition value.

5. Connect with your values and offer a freebie to your subscribers

Subject line: Happy Lunar New Year! 🐯

Sent by Meow Meow Tweet

This email from Meow Meow Tweet, a personal care brand, is composed of simple statements of what their brand is passionate about. It’s also a reassurance that they’re making connections and they go deeper and deeper with their brand mission. What a clear message to their customers that they’re committing themselves to the community this year of the tiger. And here’s a thoughtful way to share their creativity with this free downloadable mobile wallpaper in line with the theme.

6. Direct product suggestion for the event

Subject line: Have a Happy Lunar New Year with Johnnie Walker

Sent by Caskers

Caskers greets us with direct to the point product recommendation. They relate to the Lunar New Year by putting their best product suggestion making it easy to prepare for the occasion when it comes to the choice of drink.

7. Provide a gift guide

Subject line: The dawn of Lunar New Year

Sent by Aesop

Aesop sent us a greeting with a powerful Confucius quote “Be in harmony, yet be different”. In this email, they also send a gift guide that showcases one’s delight in being a unique individual. We can see that more and more ways are being introduced by different brands to reflect on the meaning of the celebration. Just like what this skincare brand does here.

8. Asian face on the spotlight

Subject line: A Lunar New Year Gift for YOU!

Sent by Huda Beauty

Now an Asian face takes the center stage. Huda Beauty shows their year of the tiger collection and partners it with a beautiful face of an Asian race woman that wears the makeup collection. It’s just a perfect image  for the celebration.

9. Suggest an overall look for the occasion

Subject line: Just in: our Lunar New Year Collection

Sent by Tory Burch

For some, Lunar New Year has something to do with wearing lucky colors. Just in time for the holiday, Tory Burch made a tiger collection - it’s from head-to-toe look they think perfect for the event.

10. Provide a collection of items in line with the holiday

Subject line: Happy Lunar New Year

Sent by Urban Stems

Lunar New Year is associated with good fortune. And there are some gifts that we believe to attract even more luck. This is the theme brought to us by this email from Urban Stems. Here, they promote a collection of items rather than just one product.