Labor Day email marketing campaign examples

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Mehdi Boufous
Labor Day email marketing campaign examples

Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of workers and is traditionally observed on the first Monday in September. 

Labor Day is a day off for many people. It's a paid day off. It's a workday where labor is not required. The end of summer, the start of the school year, the beginning of the football season, and the celebration of employees everywhere – it all says September and Labor Day. 

If you’re looking for email inspirations to bring more customers into your store this upcoming Labor Day, we’ve got you covered.

1. Anticipate what they need

Subject line: 🍁 Labor Day Sale 🍂
Sent by: Vessi

The weather has always been one of the major factors in buyers’ choice of items to purchase. So whether it’s on sale or not, they’ll need to buy what they ought to buy considering the change of temperature (especially on apparel). Vessi, a fashion brand known for its waterproof sneakers, makes use of this concept in its Labor Day email campaign. It uses a big image with a banner pertaining to the fall season – something to be prepared for. It connects perfectly with the type of product they offer. 

2. Emphasize the meaning of the celebration

Subject line: Labor Day Savings: 15% Off Inside
Sent by: Organifi 

In this email example from Organifi, they speak directly to the audience with the huge banner “LET’S CELEBRATE YOU”. It reminds you, as part of the workforce, that the celebration is about you and belongs to you. A small piece of message just below the image is a thoughtful way to communicate this special event. They also encourage you to share this message with a friend, loved one, or anyone you know is part of the celebration. It’s a nice way to spread the news (and your offer too) without being pushy.

3. Make an easy way to checkout – no code required

Subject line: There’s a site-wide 30% off sale happening NOW ⏰
Sent by: Hurley

Labor Day typically means “no work”. Just like what Hurley, does in this email example for the celebration of this long weekend. Clearly, it announces a site-wide sale and this time no code is needed. So, you don’t need to remember and input a code while checking out. What a seamless way to purchase. All you have to do is to click that CTA button “SHOP NOW” and go directly to where the sale is going on – simple and easy to engage with4. Collaborate with other brands and give more

4. Collaborate with other brands and give more

Subject line: Labor Day Giveaway 🇺🇸
Sent by: Lasso

Collaboration is almost always a win-win approach in marketing. It’s the concept of bringing like-minded businesses together and aligning their interests to share resources to increase brand exposure, and increase leads and influence. Lasso, a brand that sells athletic and sports compression socks, collaborates with 7 other brands to offer a pack of products that go as a complete set of sporting goods. Another thing we noticed in their email is the powerful banner “LABOR DAY GIVEAWAY” and as the word implies - it’s something free, a prize, or a premium one can easily indulge with.

5. Make a simple design loud

Subject line: The Labor Day Sale is ON
Sent by: Able

Here is an example of a simple layout that still looks attractive to the eyes. The choice of color, text size, and most especially the choice of enticing words are all put in perfect harmony with this email copy from Able, a clothing brand that offers quality wardrobe pieces to women of all sizes. It doesn’t always have to have a banner image to catch your attention. Sometimes, mere words are enough to engage your readers. 

6. Mention something relatable to the audience

Subject line: Labor Day savings are heating up!
Sent by: Allform

As we know, we are in the age of Netflix and any other forms of streaming media and instant access to entertainment. That being said, you can connect a holiday to this type of indoor activity so people would relate more to your brand. Here is one example from the brand Allform which sells custom couches. They make use of connection between their couch at home and a movie marathon kind of relaxation. It encourages people not just to buy but to feel comfortable doing things they love during this long weekend off.

7. Offer a free gift - it’s always sweet

Subject line: Labor Day Weekend Only.
Sent by: Nécessaire

Gifting is always nice, sweet, and friendly approach to give back to your customers. We often give gifts to re-confirm or establish our connection with others. Giving a gift to someone we care about allows us to communicate our feelings and appreciation for them. It’s the same in marketing campaigns. Customers will engage more with your offer when they see that they could get back something good in return. 

Nécessaire, a personal care brand, utilizes this kind of strategy in this email newsletter. Who doesn't like a present? You can leverage this simple idea to generate reciprocal goodwill in your prospects. So instead of discounting items, giving a gift (and actually announcing it as a gift) is a good alternative to convert your audience. 

8. Provide early access for your VIPs

Subject line: Exclusive: Labor Day Early Access Starts NOW
Sent by: Helix Sleep

One of the most common yet effective marketing tactics during holidays and big events is giving early access. VIP customers deserve heightened appreciation and special care. Rewarding your best customers not only shows your appreciation for their patronage but also helps you build a long-term relationship and drives revenue.

This email from Helix Sleep, a mattress brand, speaks directly to the VIPs to encourage them to shop early on. They also add a bit of reassurance on the quality of their product by giving sleep trial refundable within 100 days. And to add more pitch, they included a review from a specialist at the bottom part of the email. It’s a jam-packed copy indeed.

9. Extend your offer to give a last push to sales

Subject line: Your access extended: Labor Day prices
Sent by: Eight Sleep

Most competitors want to emerge in the same space of time during a big holiday/marketing event. They work very hard to catch the attention of the customers who are overwhelmed seeing promos left and right. But when sales finish, comes a kind of calm. Some customers often like to wait until the end to see if they can hunt a bargain. This is a perfect timing to extend your sale since you have a waiting list still untapped. 

Unlike early access that is offered to VIPs, extended sale is usually open for all. Here is an example from Eight Sleep, a brand that sells smart beds with cooling and heating system10. Mention the items on sale right away

10. Mention the items on sale right away

Subject line: Deals on tents, hiking boots, bikes, weights & more
Sent by: Decathlon

Decathlon is a sporting goods brand that offers a wide range of gears, clothing, and footwear for all types of sports. Given their range of products, it’s a nice thing that they mention the items on sale right away. Those are specified in the subject line of their email. Not having to guess what items are included can make the customers decide straight. They also present their collection neatly using 6 thumbnail images so the customers can easily choose which one to click to go directly to the particular item they need. 

We hope that this coming Labor Day, creating an email campaign for your own brand would be a lot easier and more exciting with the insights above. 

See you on the next round of marketing moves.