50 Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines 2023 (Examples & Templates)

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Mehdi Boufous
50 Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines 2023 (Examples & Templates)

Looking for abandoned Cart subject lines? Want to set your automated retargeting emails on fire? Get some ideas from at least different abandoned cart email subject lines that’ll make your non-shoppers come back and buy. 

Shopping cart abandonment rates are at 69.9%, on an average. 

For eCommerce brands, that’s a world of hurt and pain. You’d do so well to decrease the abandonment rate and drive up your conversions. 

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  1. Classic Abandoned Cart Subject Lines
  2. Time sensitive Subject Lines
  3. Push for Action
  4. Discount Subject Lines 
  5. Personalized Subject Lines
  6. Ask a question
  7. Call your audience attention
  8. Branded, Creative & Original approaches
  9. Fear of Missing Out 
  10. Bonus

Here are some of the best abandoned cart email subject lines we curated (from well-known brands) - for a more detailed guide and alternative examples, checkout our Free Abandoned Cart Guide.

Classic Abandoned Cart Subject Lines 

You’ll never go wrong (and no one gets tired) of these classic abandoned cart subject lines. When creative wells run dry just before you hit send, these are classic subject lines you can always use. 

  • Still thinking about It…? [Italic] 
  • Did you Forget Something? [Away] 
  • Complete your Order With 15% Off [ Eve Lom] 
  • We Noticed You Checking Us Out [ Pulp Express] 
  • Your cart is calling ☎️ [Our Place]

Time sensitive Subject Lines 

If subject lines are time sensitive, they bring in a flurry of action. So good that you can set your timer or a countdown clock to measure returns from email campaigns with subject lines that are time sensitive in nature. 

Here are some time sensitive subject lines you could use: 

  •  Hurry, they're getting lonely. [Vessi]
  • 48 Hours Left ⏰ [muse]
  • Clock Is Running Out on …[ Ballsy] 

Push for Action

We all forget things. Or life gets in the way. Sometimes, you need to push. Certainly applicable for all things related to shopping cart abandonment. Here are some interesting subject lines that push for action

  • Back to Health Time Is Here [Withings] 
  • Let's seal the deal [Anese]
  • We Know You Hate To Lose. Anything. [TrackSmith]
  • Open me for 10% off [frank body]

Discount Subject Lines 

There’s barely anyone on the planet who doesn’t want a discount. If the world wants it, you give it. Make use of these simple “discount-based” subject lines for your next campaign. 

  • 25% Off, For Your Three-day Weekend [Yeti] 
  • 10% off extended—just for you [Versed]
  • Your cart is eligible for a discount! [Helix Sleep]
  • Your cart = buy two, get one FREE [Perfect Keto]

Personalized Subject Lines

Nothing sounds better for your customers than their own names. There’s a reason personalization (coupled with precise targeting and segmentation) works so well with email marketing and SMS marketing. If nothing works, use those first names. 

  • Herman + Majorca = 😍 [ Jet2Holidays] 
  • You’ve Never Crafted Quite Like This, Jullia! [ Skill Share] 
  • elbert, you forgot something [Western Rise]
  • Hey Alfred, we saved these for you. [native pet]

Ask a question

Curiosity triggers action. Asking the right questions with your email marketing subject lines is a classic (albeit smooth) move. Ask the right questions that have a pulse on some emotions, desires, needs, wants, likes, and dislikes. 

These subject lines bring back users to “engage” again. See how those question-based subject lines that eCommerce brands love to use. 

  • Which Personalize Your Skincare? [Hawthorne] 
  • Quitting? But you're nearly there [8 Sleep]

Call your audience attention

Sometimes, you just have to shout. Get your subscribers’ (or customers’) attention. There are several ways to do this, but some of these subject lines are calling for attention and begging to be clicked open.

  • You’re this close to never-been-better skin [Then I Met You]
  • Pssst...we have a question for you. [Cuisinart] 
  • The Most Stressful Question In the World  [YNAB] 
  • Re: your pending Disco order [Disco]
  • ❗Don't miss your chance... [Vessi]
  • Checking in on your order! [Parade]

Branded, Creative & Original approaches

Some brands take their own style, approach, and angles (instead of relying on anything classic). These brands have built up a reputation for using creative angles for subject lines. So good that you can almost tell who’s sending you the email just by reading the subject lines. 

If anything, these are worth experimenting with. 

  • Hey plant lover, you forgot something 😱 [rooted]
  • Your 💅 cart is about to expire [Olive & June]
  • Come back, friend! [Vessi]
  • Spotted: A sad, lonely cart [Alya Skin]
  • Don't get Cold Feet [Allbirds]

Fear of Missing Out 

It seems that the whole world is chasing the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) wagon. No one wants to be left behind, left alone, or left to pay “full price” on anything. FOMO-based subject lines might have been done to death already, but they work because they work. 

  • Discount? You Decide  [ Blush Mark] 
  • Flash Sale: 20% Off [ Loops] 
  • Last Chance: 30% OFF, Ends Tonight [ Alo Yoga] 
  • Last Day: 15% Off Sitewide  [ Briogeo] 
  • Social Proof: “Reggie can improve the quality of your dog’s life” [reggie]

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