20 Abandoned Cart Flow Examples to Recoup Lost Sales

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$18B a year.

That’s how much companies lose due to cart abandonment

Abandoned carts are a normal part of the customer lifecycle (almost 75 percent of shoppers leave their carts, after all) but they pose a threat to your retail business and are not to be taken lightly. 

That’s why crafting an engaging abandonment cart email flow is all the more important for eCommerce. 

Through this post, we’ll give you inspiration for how to recover lost checkouts and keep customers coming back. You’ll learn the tips and tricks of the trade used by the most successful eCommerce companies. 

First, let’s find out what an abandoned cart flow is and its benefits. 

What is an abandoned cart email flow?

An abandoned cart flow, also called a cart abandonment flow or lost checkout flow, is an email or series of emails sent to someone who has added items to their online shopping cart but did not go through with buying them.

Why do customers abandon their carts?

Here are some common reasons for shopping cart abandonment:

Unexpected Costs

High shipping fees, taxes, or other additional charges that customers didn't anticipate can lead to cart abandonment.

Complicated Checkout Process

A lengthy or confusing checkout process, requiring too much information or having too many steps, can frustrate users and prompt them to abandon their carts.

Account Creation Requirement

Requiring customers to create an account before completing a purchase can be a barrier. Many users prefer a guest checkout option for a quicker process.

Security Concerns

Customers may abandon their carts if they have concerns about the security of their personal and financial information on the website.

Limited Payment Options

If the website does not offer a variety of payment options, users who prefer alternative methods may abandon their carts.

Technical Issues

Glitches, slow loading times, or other technical problems can lead to frustration and cart abandonment.

Lack of Trust

Users may abandon their carts if the website or the brand lacks credibility or if they cannot find sufficient information about the product, such as reviews or detailed descriptions.

Comparison Shopping

Shoppers often use the cart to compare prices or products from different websites. They might abandon the cart to continue their research or purchase from another site.

Poor Return Policy

A complicated or unfavorable return policy can discourage users from completing a purchase, especially if they are unsure about the product.

Unexpected Delivery Times

If customers are surprised by long delivery times or unclear shipping information, they may abandon their carts.

Lack of Mobile Optimization

With the increasing use of mobile devices, if a website is not optimized for mobile, users may find it difficult to complete the purchase and abandon their carts.

20 Abandoned Cart Email Flow Examples to Drive Sales

1. Love Your Melon

Subject line: Hi (name), forget something?

The hat brand Love Your Melon starts by saying “We’ve been keeping your cart safe for you” which makes the subscriber feel valued. 

Inside the email, they have a complete checkout CTA on top and pictures of the abandoned cart items just below, along with a heartwarming section that mentions that they donate 50 percent of net profits to pediatric cancer organizations

This is a good nudge that appeals to socially conscious shoppers and can be the extra something that makes them check out the items.

2. Mejuri

Subject line: The (item name) that got away

Mejuri’s lost checkout flow begins with the simple reminder to “Finish what you carted” in the email subject subheading. 

They push the subscriber to complete the sale by hinting that the items might run out. Plus, they recommend other jewelry pieces under the “More to Stack” section for an easy upsell.

3. Frank Body

Subject line: Finish what you carted. 🛒

Frank Body keeps it light with a huge picture and the quote “I shouldn’t be in your cart. I should be all over you.” and points to the item below. 

They also entice the shopper to complete the purchase by mentioning theirfree shipping and including a link to see reviews.

4. Cowboy

Subject line: We noticed that your bike is still in your basket

Aside from having a direct, attention-grabbing subject line, Cowboy kicks off a great lost checkout flow with a clean CTA (“Complete your order”) prominently displayed on top of the first email. 

The next email says “Still thinking it over?” and persuades the reader by listing benefits such as a two-year warranty and in-app customer service. Further down, a snippet from a customer’s experience with them piques interest and a CTA button for a test ride concludes the email.

5. Evenflo

Subject line: Did you forget something?

Evenflo triggers FOMO while flattering the customer through their copy (“Don’t let your picks slip away. You’ve got great taste”). 

Their CTA is just as tongue-in-cheek, as well, saying “Buy It, Love It”. In the succeeding emails, they give a 10 percent discount code and recommend other items the customer might be interested in. They end the flow with a “last chance” announcement and an option to pay in installments. 

Find more examples of abandoned cart flow here.

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6. Alo Yoga

Subject line:HURRY! Your Cart Might Sell Out 🚨

The clothing brand Alo Yoga uses urgency heavily in their lost checkout flow from the subject line to the email body. But they also take it further by including a free tote with every order above $250 and recommending fan favorites. 

The final email has a similar template with a slightly different copy (“These looks are still in your cart...why?”). It also includes the same “Got questions?” section so shoppers can get in touch with their style experts through call, email, or chat.

7. Frankies Bikinis 

Subject line: Re: Your Frankies Bikinis Order
Subheading: grab the items in your cart before someone else does͏

Frankies Bikinis creates urgency by hinting that someone else might buy the item in the cart and emphasizing that the items are selling fast and won’t be around for long. They also include a 10 percent discount “for everything” and recommendations accompanied by swimwear pictures. 

To cap it off, they hold a flash sale in the final email, with 10 percent off everything for only 48 hours, to further stir urgency. 

Below the emails are icons with pertinent information such as a phone number subscribers can contact for offers, Frankies Bikinis’ physical store address, and their free shipping and returns perk.

8. Lively Root

Subject line: These Plants Want to Meet You

Lively Root has a different take on the lost checkout flow. 

They playfully say that their plants want to meet the shopper and that they saved the shopper’s plant picks for them. This way, the customer feels gratitude while being reminded of the items. 

Another thing Lively Root does is offer a 10 percent discount to make purchasing guilt-free. They also have a 30-day “happiness guarantee”--what customer wouldn’t love that? 

In the final email, they bump up the 10 percent discount to 15 percent and proclaim “We can’t hold your plants any longer!” to gently nudge the shopper into buying.

9. The Sill

Subject line: Hi (name), it's time to check out 🌱

The Sill is another plant brand that does lost checkout flows well. 

In this flow, they highlight their team of plant experts who welcome any product questions from shoppers. A collection of recommended plants is also featured along with individual CTA buttons for each plant. 

Their second (and final email) announces that it’s the last chance to check out the product and gives a special message to new plant parents, further reassuring shoppers that they won’t regret their purchase. 

10. Pair Eyewear

Subject line: You left something behind! 🕶️

Pair Eyewear prominently displays its free shipping and discount code to encourage buyers to check out their items. “You’re almost there!” cheers on the reader to follow through on the purchase while listing the product perks in a dedicated section gives even more reasons to buy

Pair Eyewear follows up on that email with a slight variation on the first email. The final email grabs attention through its subject line:20% Off + Free Shipping Won't Last Long. This does the talking; the rest of the email is similar to the first one.

11. Warby Parker

Subject line: You left these in your cart

Being helpful is a great approach to take in your lost checkout flow. Warby Parker uses thoughtful copy (“Can we get these started for you?”) and a unique CTA (“Let’s do it”). 

The second email introduces their hassle-free return policy while the third puts a spotlight on a special buy-one-get-one deal

Their final email is fun and unexpected–they invite subscribers to take a quiz to find the perfect frames for their preferences and right below, they include a picture of the item left in the cart with the copy “Still interested?”.

12. Surreal

Subject line: You were so close!

The snacks brand Surreal stays on brand with their lost checkout flow email copy and layout. It’s vibrant and casual while still incorporating persuasive techniques. 

Surreal taps into the feeling of regret (“You’re almost there”) and makes their value proposition crystal clear (“Grab yourself a brand new breakfast”). 

The second email in the flow is a message from the founder, sent in a plain text style to look more approachable, where she offers a discount code and a low-cost sample pack. 

The third email sounds more urgent and includes a discount code but keeps the rest of the copy simple.

13. Snow Days

Subject line: About your pizza order ;) important info

Snow Days’ four-step lost checkout flow starts with a call to complete the order in 48 hours to get $10 off. They mean business but still keep the email fun with icons at the bottom displaying the benefits of their product.

The next email reminds the shopper that there are only 24 hours left to claim the discount.

The third email says that they’re extending the offer for one more day just in case the subscriber missed the message. The final email is a last call for the offer that invites the shopper to check out (“Don't forget your Pizza Bites!”).

14. Dossier

Subject line: Finish what you started! 🤩

Dossier takes a familiar approach: they appeal to the shopper’s inner need to complete an action through copy that proclaims “Can you smell it? You’re so close”. 

In case that’s not enough, they also mention that they have a trial period with free returns. Below, a strip of icons highlights the benefits of shopping with them. 

The next four emails of the flow follow the same template with only the heading copy varying for each email. They use the copy “Good smells are just a click away,” “Can’t stop thinking of us?”, “Better smelling days are just a click away,” and finally, “Don’t wait until they’re gone”. 

15. Peloton

Subject line: We See You Left Something Behind

Peloton recognizes that their products can be a huge investment and that’s evident in their lost checkout flow. 

The first email says “Time to Bring It Home” before going into the details of their financing option with zero percent downpayment. The CTA simply states “Get your bike”

The second email takes the same approach and mentions their financing option but also inserts social proof like how their bike has won awards and shares Peloton members’ experiences with their bike. They emphasize that their product is a worthwhile investment. 

The final email has more urgency (One Last Step to Bring Home Your Bike) and lays out the steps for financing a Peloton bike

They also pique interest by offering a free home trial that’s completely refundable. This reduces friction when buying, especially for a big purchase like the bike.

16. Brooklinen

Subject line: Hey, You're Welcome

Brooklinen packs a lot of information in their lost checkout flow from the get-go. 

The subscriber is greeted with “Hey, you left this deal behind” and presented with an exclusive offer that’s redeemable at checkout. 

This definitely piques curiosity but it doesn’t end there. Brooklinen also has a recommended items section labeled “We think you’re going to love this” along with pictures of bundles and robes. 

Below, they state the reasons why they’re a good choice, mentioning their over 60,000 five-star reviews. 

In the next emails, Brooklinen entices the shopper to check out with a ten percent discount offer, and for added urgency, they also say that the exclusive deal mentioned previously is about to expire

In each email, they promote their bundles and value proposition.

In the final email, they upgrade the discount to 15 percent, which expires within the day. There’s an opportunity for a pun (“Your savings are being put to bed tonight”) and as usual, they end with highlighting their five-star reviews.

17. Nutrafol

Subject line: Hair health is one click away.

The supplement brand Nutrafol’s lost checkout flow focuses on benefits, case studies, and social proof to convert the shopper. 

The first email says “Start your hair journey” and inserts a CTA button inviting the shopper to complete the checkout and return to their cart. 

The second email reiterates that the cart is waiting for the shopper but adds on the usual email with before-and-after photos of customers who struggled with hair loss

In the third email, they also include a hair growth guide, a nice touch that demonstrates what their customers can expect from their products. They also advertise their subscription and include more case studies. 

Lastly, the final email gives social proof by mentioning that 775,000 have seen results from their products, that they’re the #1 dermatologist-recommended hair supplement brand, and a list of awards they’ve garnered from magazines and organizations.

18. Inside Weather 

Subject line: Did you forget something?

Inside Weather has five emails in its lost checkout flow, starting with the cheerful first email that proclaims “You’re onto something!”. The CTA button states “Continue Shopping” and right below, they put three detailed customer reviews with a CTA button to read more reviews.

The second email introduces a 15 percent discount code and a CTA button that says “Save Now”. 

The third email is composed purely of their customer reviews and the corresponding product reviewed. The fourth email brings up the discount code again and includes a grid of interior design inspiration pictures

The final email caps off this email flow with an urgent “Last chance” reminder and gives the shopper 24 hours to lock in their purchase. 

19. Modibodi

Subject line: Oops, you left something behind!

Modibodi gently reminds the shopper that they have items waiting for them in their cart in this four-email flow. 

They promote a buy-now-pay-later option prominently above their discount code offer. They also appeal to the shopper’s emotion by saying that buying their product helps the planet. 

The second email follows the same pattern but tacks on a Q and A section to answer frequently asked product questions

Meanwhile, the fourth email uses social proof (9/10 customers recommend Modibodi to their friends), customer reviews, and a list of benefits to persuade the shopper. 

The final email is a good culmination of the previous emails. It underscores that it’s the last chance to save on the order with only 24 hours left. They finish the email with a few reasons to choose Modibodi

20. Vessi

Subject line: Come back, friend!

Vessi’s lost checkout flow keeps a casual and friendly tone throughout. 

The first email says “You left in a hurry” and that they’ve saved their items for the shopper. The CTA is repeated twice and says “Back to Checkout”, along with a picture of the item in the cart and three icons of the benefits shoppers enjoy (free shipping, etc.). 

The second email says that the items are “getting lonely” and tops it off with a discount code. The rest of the email stays the same. 

The next email puts their footwear’s benefit at the forefront: “Like walking on sunshine…even in the rain”. The subject line adds pressure (“Real talk–it’s almost gone”) and the discount code is reiterated. 

The final email goes all out and creates urgency through a 24-hour countdown timer for the time left to complete the purchase. Notably, only one CTA button is included, below the timer, which gives the call to action even more emphasis. 

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"I wish I knew this existed before"
"Best investment so far"
"Incredible benchmarks"
5 wow moments
"I'm saving a day a week"
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Ads Libraries x Email Marketing x Pinterest
, all in one"
"It's been a lifesaver"
"Just filled my todo with
awesome ideas
in 5'"
"I know
what my competitors are doing
in 30s"
"We offer much more value to our clients"
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"Saves me hours!"
"It's incredible
how much things I learned
on competitors"
"I can see it had been built for me"
"It's so easy to
find the perfect example
"I feel so much better"