Fall Season guides, inspirations, and examples for your email campaign planning

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Mehdi Boufous
Fall Season guides, inspirations, and examples for your email campaign planning

September can be a busy month for marketers as it covers several holidays like Labor Day, Patriot Day, and the first day of the Fall season. In some countries, it’s considered the start of “ber months” fast approaching the Yuletide season. Also this month, people are preparing for Halloween, the winter season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and everything in between. There’s just a lot in September to be excited about. It is the perfect time to put your marketing plans in place for the rest of the year. 

To shower your September with many marketing insights and good vibes, here are curated examples of Fall season newsletter emails from brands in different industries. We love to share them straight from our Panoramata eCommerce benchmarking platform to your campaign planning list. 

Fall (also known as Autumn) is the season for cooler weather, warm-colored leaves, football games, festivals, and pumpkin spice lattes. With so much going on this month, there are also a bunch of inspirations you'll find as you read on.

  1. Inspired by the colors of the season
  2. Seasonal approach to anticipated needs
  3. Loud and proud discount offers
  4. Limited-time fresh, new take on your product
  5. Product launch just in time for the season
  6. Collab giveaway campaign
  7. Comfort is everything

Inspired by the colors of the season

With the traditional autumn colors - warm red, yellow, orange, and brown -  you can use these leaf-inspired hues for your marketing too. As autumn brings about change in the color of leaves, why not use the same element to create a fall-themed campaign? 

In view of your marketing strategy, you can either showcase the existing products from your collection with the same range of colors as the season. Or, you can also update your collection with these new colors if you don’t have them yet. Colors are powerful and they can trigger psychological reactions. They have a big impact on branding, and they can influence the perception and the likeability of a product.

Here are a few examples:

Fall colors to inspire your adventures 🍂

Sent by Away

New Green Hues for Fall

Sent by Tracksmith

Fall ready golds 🍁

Sent by MVMT Watches

Seasonal approach to anticipated needs

Since we are talking about a change of season here, it is a known fact that personal care needs to transition as well. This is something to be addressed beforehand. It is not just a thoughtful way to take care of your customers, but also a great means to promote your seasonal products. Seasonal products are those that are either not available on the market during a certain period of the year or are available throughout the year but their demand is affected by the current season. 

Remember to check your inventory and line of products ahead of time. Align them with customers’ needs brought about by the change of season. You might come up with a creative idea of how to present the upcoming problem and how to promote your product sideways.

AUTUMN: How to protect your skin

Sent by Typology

The autumn adaptation

Sent by Aesop

Transitional skincare

Sent by Haeckels

Loud and proud discount offer

During peak seasons like this upcoming autumn, retailers (especially online retailers) experience a significant increase in sales which is usually due to major promotional offers organized by all players in the industry. Basically, all efforts are being made to boost sales. Brands compete with each other. Do not get behind your competitors. Try creating a buzz by offering a huge discount to your customers just like what the following brands did last year with their Fall Sale.

Just some reminders on how to write a copy to attract your customers, knowing that discounts are here and there. Make sure that your customers are aware that sales are time-limited. Write an attention-grabbing headline mentioning the occasion, and the saving percentage. Present your offer using a huge and bold font with a simple background to highlight it even more. Here are some examples we’ve got for you.

Autumn treat – 15% off new items

Sent by Arket

Fall favorite: 20% off Gold Pumpkin Spice 🍂

Sent by Organifi

Ready. Set. TAKE 40% OFF this fall favorite 🍂

Sent by Tula

Limited-time fresh, new take on your product

Whatever industry you are in, there is definitely something new to offer your audience in line with the new season. It could be a new flavor if you are in the food and beverage market. It could be new colors and prints for fashion brands. Or it could be a seasonal plant for home and garden. 

Brands use limited-edition marketing for various reasons such as to celebrate the season or event, to drive desire, to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, and to reintroduce a product in a new, unseen look. 

You can take the following email samples for some ideas:

Surprise plant drop inside (limited quantities!)

Sent by The Sill

A New Flavor for Fall! 👀🎃

Sent by Simply Gum

Snag Your Fall Favorites!

Sent by Knix

Product launch just in time for the season

It is sometimes hard to set the right timing for launching a new product. But for Fall essentials, you already have a hint on when to drop them to the market – a few weeks or a month before they are actually used or worn. Remember to take into account the shipping and return periods as well. The key is to avoid days or weeks in which people have reasons not to buy, either because they’re too busy or they’re financially stretched.

The 3 email examples below show new Fall drops of products perfect to wear and use during the season.

Fall’s biggest drop: Teddy is here!

Sent by Skims

Our NEW shirt jacket for fall

Sent by Vuori

New Cover Sets For Fall

Sent by Parachute Home

Collab giveaway campaign

It’s no secret that giveaways have been a successful strategy for companies and brands to get the word out about their products. Now, finding a brand or brands to partner with takes your giveaway campaign to the next level. It is a great way to grow your audience. It means expanding into a larger market. It makes perfect sense to collaborate with a brand that is already established in other regions to build up your credibility in a new market. 

Right now, you may be planning your next giveaway for the Fall season. Consider looking into brands that may interest your followers and pair well with your product.  Ultimately, the goal of running a successful giveaway campaign with another brand/s is to increase sales. Think about approaching brands both bigger and smaller than your following. Shoot for the stars. 

Take inspiration from the brands below:

Fall Giveaway 🍂

Sent by Brightland

Quick skin care advice!

Sent by Meow Meow Tweet

Fall Faves GIVEAWAY! ✨ Over $1,000 value.

Sent by Three Ships

Comfort is everything

One of the top things to consider during a specific season is how you will get comfortable whether you’re indoors or outdoors doing related activities. Of course, as a marketer, you have to offer necessary adjustments when it comes to the products you promote. You wouldn’t insist on buying light shorts and thin dresses in fall and winter. But instead, you would focus your sale on oversized fall sweaters and super long scarves. 

Show off your cozy outfit and collection. Now’s the perfect time to attract your buyers. The key is to present your copy in such a way that the audience will feel compelled to buy. It’s as if having experienced the comfort your product provides just by email itself. You can use banner images of the product in use, plus some nice statements that will serve as a promise to bring in comfort.

Fall into comfort.

Sent by Casper

Warm & Waterproof Jackets

Sent by Finisterre

Fall calls for lightweight jackets

Sent by Thread

Speaking of comfort, we hope you find yourself comfortable with creating your next marketing moves for the season with the above-mentioned points. And hey, there are still some more big events coming up, so stay tuned.